To increase your chances of being able to win Bingo online you may want to change the ways in which you play this much-loved game. These can include the following as suggestions. 


Before you ever start playing Bingo, you should work out what your bankroll is and set it aside. You should always make sure that this is a quantity of money that you can spare should you not win anything in return or your efforts and ensure that you are not going to leave yourself in financial difficulty if you don’t win. It is easy to get drawn into the game of Bingo as it is so much fun but you need to know when to stop and having a bankroll that physically stops you from playing after your allotted money has run out is a great way of doing this. It is at this stage that you should finish playing the game and must never increase the amount of money that you have to play with as it is then that financial difficulties can and will arise. Some players choose to give themselves individual bankrolls for each session that they play online Bingo, but for other players, it is easier to give themselves a bankroll which incorporates all of the times that they will pay Bingo throughout the week or month even. People with specific character types are more likely to need restraining when it comes to the financial side of Bingo and if you know that you are one of these people, then a bankroll is the only way in which you should play. 

Play Time

The most popular time for people to choose to play bingo is between the hours of 7 pm and 9 pm. Whilst this does mean that the chatrooms are great fun, it does also mean that the likelihood of you being able to win is much less because of the amount of competition you have. This is the most popular time for people to play because it is the time of day when people have finished long and stressful days at work and are looking for a good way to unwind and relax. Bingo is often a great answer for many people. But if you are not restricted to playing after standard working hours, then you should try and play between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm during the week because there will be much less competition so your chances of winning will be greatly increased. 

Divide And Conquer

It goes without saying that the more chances you have at winning, the more likely it is that you are able to win. By this, we are referring to the number of tickets or strips that you are able to purchase for any one game at the same time. The more tickets you are able to purchase, the more likely it is that you will be able to win the jackpot as you will have more combinations that could lead to the jackpot. Whether you buy multiple tickets or even multiple strips will very much depend on what budget you are playing with but you can easily work this out from the amount of money that each costs which is well advertised on each Bingo room for you to clearly see. For many people, they want to look for a lower cost Bingo room where they can increase the number of tickets or strips and win their money back more frequently. But it is these rooms which always have the largest numbers of players. Sometimes, it is actually more cost-effective to play in the higher cost Bingo rooms with fewer tickets as there are fewer players and therefore less competition so the chances of you winning will be higher overall. 

Bingo Style

There are so many different styles of Bingo that you can choose to play online but there is not one type of Bingo that is advised for you to play because this is such a personal choice. For some people, they want to have more balls in play, but for other people they want the games to be faster and more furious so that they know whether they have won or not much sooner. You can take your pick from 90, 80 and 75 ball Bingo as the most common types of Bingo to play online but you are not limited to playing only these as there are so many new derivatives of the original Bingo game appearing online every single day. The biggest question is how many numbers you are capable of looking out for at any one time so that you can mark them off with your dabber or check that they have been marked off if you are playing with the automated dab feature which is very popular. 75 ball Bingo gives you the opportunity to play with 24 numbers per ticket whereas 90 ball Bingo only has 15 numbers per ticket. Choosing between the two is nothing but personal preference but be aware that the amount of numbers you are in control of will soon mount up as you start playing with multiple tickets or even multiple strips which will quickly leave you in charge of watching out for hundreds of numbers at one time. For new players, it is probably advisable that you do not take on too many tickets as this will lead to nothing but confusion as you will inevitably end up missing numbers and losing out on potential prizes. But if you are a Bingo pro, the sky is your limit when it comes to the number of tickets or strips you can juggle and actually this becomes part of the fun! 

Play Online

Playing Bingo online is the best way to stay in contact with your Bingo community. It also gives you the best range of features and enables you to play whilst you are on the go, commuting or even waiting to pick up the kids. For busy people, with busy lives and limited time, online Bingo is certainly the way forward and will increase your chances of winning hugely.