The first thing that strikes you when you visit a top-quality online casino is the overall quality of the website. They are quick to load, easy to navigate, feature-rich and completely bug-free! This is possible because they use exciting WordPress themes.  

The choice of themes is for the operator to make and will depend on the functionalities and plug-ins they want for their casino website. Some of these themes are free, while others are premium, which means they come at a certain cost. 

There are WordPress themes for both gambling and gaming. Let us look at 5 of the best WordPress themes for gaming and casino websites. 

Gambling – HTML5 Template for Casino & Gambling

If you are looking to deliver to players an online or mobile casino with a jaw-dropping interface and full HD quality graphics, this is the theme to use. The use of HTML5 ensures you are able to use this theme to design casinos that are responsive and compatible with multiple platforms and browsers.

The theme comes with the following pages, giving you the means to tell your audience all about yourself and the casino you have put together:

  • Games: Use this page template to list out the portfolio of games that your casino offers.
  • Promotions: This page allows you to list out the bonuses available to players, starting with the welcome bonus, or even the no deposit bonus in casinos that offer this unique bonus.
  • Tournaments: This page allows you to list out the tournaments currently running at the casino. You will also be able to list information about tournaments that have been completed.
  • Contact Us: This page allows you to list out the different contact information about the casino, including timing and availability.

This brilliant WordPress theme is brought to you by Ingenious_Team in Entertainment

Poker Dice – WordPress Theme for Casino Resort & Hotel

As the name suggests, Poker Dice is a popular WordPress theme for casino resort and hotel websites. What makes this theme so popular? Well, for starters, there is zero coding involved! Drag and drop is the way to go here, and the feature is built into the theme, making page construction easy. 

The theme uses HTML5 and is therefore responsive – all page elements will realign themselves to fit your screen when you load the website on your smartphone or tablet. There are loads of features in this theme, some regular and a few unique. Here are some of the regular features:

  • Customizable headers and footers: Use this feature to adjust the number of footers, from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4. 
  • Multiple options for menu layouts: Use this feature to choose your menu layouts.
  • Add-ons: Use this feature to provide add-on elements.
  • Pop-ups: This feature enables pop-ups to load on click.

Unique features in the theme include:

  • Translation: This is a built-in feature that takes away the language constraint – you can use this theme to develop a website in any language!
  • Content import: This feature allows you to import content from a demo page directly to the live site in a few clicks.
  • E-commerce: Use this feature to engage in online sales.

Poker Club – Responsive Template

Poker Club is a HTML5-driven template for an online poker room. The use of HTML5 means the template is responsive, making this a very good option for designing casinos for both desktop and mobile. 

The template has a number of exciting features to guarantee an eye-popping poker site. The first of these is parallax scrolling. There are options for many of the features. For instance, there are 2 home page templates to choose from, and there are 2 options for site info as well. 

Other features include a single-page design and also 2 options for a blog – a regular blog page and another with a right hand column. There is touch-swipe navigation and you get a choice of header variations too. 

The use of HTML5 guarantees multiplatform and multi-browser compatibility. This theme works on Windows PCs, Macs and also Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. You will be able to launch it on any of the popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera and others. 

Mercury – Theme for Gambling and Casino Affiliate

The Mercury theme is considered to be among the best, because it comes with multiple templates and features. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a theme to run a casino or gambling blog, or if you want to run a casino affiliate program. 

The features that it has make it a natural choice for a casino blog – for instance there are 3 special and custom post types:

  • Bonus details: Post bonus details, including promotional coupon codes 
  • Casino reviews: Post affiliate links to the casinos being reviewed and/or promoted 
  • Game reviews: Post details about and listings of top games 

Along with the reviews and bonus details it has features that allow you to post promotional coupon codes as incentive for players to register with the casino and you are also able to post affiliate links 

For each custom post type there are 8 widgets. You will also be able to choose from templates that allow four posts. The availability of 4 cool demo types makes this a great theme for multiple site layouts. If you look at NoDeposit365, you will find quite a few casinos using this theme.

This theme is brought to you by Space-Themes.

Poker Go – PSD Theme for Casino and Gambling Online 

Don’t let the name mislead you; you can use this theme not just for a poker site but also for a casino or gambling website. A bootstrap grid that is incorporated into the architecture ensures smooth and easy development of the website.

This theme comes with 12 customizable PSD files:

  • Home page
  • Games
  • Tournaments
  • About Us 
  • Contact 
  • Blog 
  • Blog Post 
  • Get Started
  • How to Play 
  • Pricing Plans
  • Breadcrumb Alternatives
  • Slider Alternatives

The theme doesn’t have the images that you see in the demo. However, there is an option to buy these separately.