Video editors have become particularly popular among people, especially since social media has started to gain momentum. No wonder both Android and iPhone users want to have the possibility to edit their videos straight on their mobile devices. However, each platform has its own peculiarities. Numerous developers are willing to release apps on Google Play to win the hearts of Android users. The video editing niche looks particularly tempting in this regard, as people are always looking for ways to create compelling and visually stunning content to share on their social media platforms.

But what if you want to develop your own video editing app for Android? That’s where an Android video editing SDK will come in handy. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of development tools that allow developers to create apps for a definite platform or operating system. With the help of this video editing software, they can fill their apps with advanced video editing features and characteristics without having to write codes for them from scratch. So, let’s dwell on the top 5 best video editing SDKs for Android, which can help you create a feature-rich video editing app.

5 Best Video Editing SDKs for Android

Banuba Video Editor SDK is one of the best options available on the market. What sets it apart from the competition is the use of augmented reality (AR). With this SDK, your users can create short videos like those on TikTok in a matter of seconds, applying various filters, backgrounds, AR overlays, and much more to their content.

Banuba Video Editing software offers valuable features to make your video editing journey memorable. With just a few taps, it turns a series of images into videos and mixes multiple video pieces into one animated clip. Users can also resort to color correction and time filters to achieve the perfect look and feel. And let’s not forget the powerful audio editor, which is packed with everything necessary for audio processing. Plus, users can apply beauty and face filters or use a range of special visual and color transformation effects to make their videos flawless. So, if you’re ready to create an incredible video editing app for Android, Banuba Video Editor SDK is the best choice, as it offers everything you need to create the most eye-pleasing content ever.

This Video Editor SDK may be integrated into your app in a matter of minutes and fully customized to your needs. If you are willing to create a video editing app, this tool will definitely become your loyal sidekick. Its UI can be changed to work for your app in the best way possible. It offers numerous editing features like cropping, rotating, trimming, depth addition, etc. Also, it is filled with more than 60 filters to allow users to take control of their videos’ general mood, stickers to make their content more hilarious, and frames and overlays to turn their videos into real masterpieces. Additionally, you can find a wide range of templates to make the video editing process less tedious. And if you plan to localize your app, this SDK supports other languages, so you can change all the UI quickly.

With ComVideoKit, you have the chance to expedite your go-to-market time and significantly amplify the creation process. Its customized UI grants developers the freedom to achieve a desired look and feel and create exceptional user experiences. As for its features, it includes captions, transitions, multi-track editing, stickers, and more. You can merge, rotate, and resize your videos, add music to your content, and export your ready-made product in any format. Whether you strive to create a video editor or a content-sharing app, ComVideoKit is just for you.

This all-in-one solution is definitely worth your attention, as it is filled with both original and immersive features. It offers various filters for creating the overall atmosphere of your videos, the ability to add subtitles, over 50 transition effects, playback, and more. Use Kdan Video SDK to make your application much richer in features and let your users produce breathtaking and awe-inspiring videos on their devices. From professional filmmakers to amateur video creators, anyone can boost their video editing skills with this SDK.

Meicam SDK boasts an array of features, including filters, special effects, background removal, and face tracking, among others. Optimized for mobile devices, it offers developers efficient and rapid video processing capabilities, enabling them to create high-quality video editing apps for use across various industries, including social media, live streaming, e-commerce, and more. This SDK also features a user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, making it easy for developers to integrate it into their applications.