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5 Best Services To Start Your Own Business Site

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There are, probably, no reputable companies that don’t have websites representing them on the web. It is no wonder, because a website is the very first place potential clients visit to find out the best offers, the product catalogue, the range of services and other related business info provided at the resource. Most companies use their websites as the most effective marketing tools by promoting their products/services there. It’s also much simpler for a client to get in touch with an entrepreneur by using the contact data specified at the website. Likewise, a business owner doesn’t have to remain at the office all day long waiting for the clients to find him.

These are only a few reasons that make a business website a must-have for any company these days. If you have realized the necessity to get a business website to go online and expand your business boundaries, then you may be also interested to find out the best way to build it. Actually, there are several methods you may choose from based on your web design skills, experience and time you have to develop the project. The simplest solution, however, both for newbies and web design pros, is a website builder. Just have a look at the reviews of the best services to understand the benefits of this method.



SITE123 is used to create any website types and, thus, it deserves to be called a “universal” website builder. The service is easy-to-use for non-techies as well as for professional web developers. Whether you hope to build a landing page, a portfolio, a promo website, a business website or even an online store, you won’t regret having chosen SITE123 for this purpose.


The service stands out from the crowd due to the abundance of advanced features it comes with. Having signed up for the platform, you will get access to a simple and intuitive dashboard and a set of pre-designed templates to meet your niche specialization. The website builder also offers powerful web customization tools you can make use of to give your website design stylish and trusted look. There are also social media integration options, a nice selection of free fonts, image library etc. A multilingual tool distinguishes the system from the rest of contemporary website builders, making it possible to build a multilingual business website. This option should not be left unnoticed, if you aim at building partnership relations with foreigners.


SITE123 pricing policy is flexible and depends upon the location aspect. All in all, the system offers 5 plans, which differ in disk storage volume, bandwidth and other terms. The plans are as follows:

  • Free ($0/month)
  • Basic ($9.80/month)
  • Advanced ($15.80/month)
  • Professional ($21.80/month)
  • Gold ($27.80/month)

Having chosen a plan, you can create any number of websites with it. Mind, however, that each website created within your account will still be paid.


SITE123 is a universal cloud website builder, which encompasses all the features required for quick yet effective web building process. The system features outstanding functionality, but it is still easy-to-use for newbies. Web designers, who have the experience of website development, will find numerous benefits here as well. Due to powerful web customization options, they can get the most out of the website design. The multilingual tool contributes to the functionality of the websites created with the system, making it a great choice for contemporary entrepreneurs.



Ucraft is a modern drag-and-drop website builder than can be used to launch different website types, including portfolios, promo websites, landing pages, eCommerce and business websites. It doesn’t imply the awareness of web design basics or availability of coding skills. The system is so intuitive and understandable that even non-techies can cope with their projects in no time here.


Regardless of the simplicity of the system, its functionality is on the top notch level. Ucraft comes with a catalogue of responsive templates and a set of customization tools needed to give each website individual design. You can avail free subdomain here along with a 24/7 tech support, individual domain name connection options, extensive blogging functionality etc. Ucraft also enables using predesigned thematic blocks, which makes defining your website structure easier than ever. It’s possible to launch websites with different languages in Ucraft. This is one of the must-have features a business website should come with nowadays.


Ucraft has three pricing options – For Starters, For Builders and Lifetime Plan. The names of the plans speak for themselves. Let’s have a closer look at them now:

  • For Starters ($0/month)
  • For Builders ($8/month)
  • Lifetime ($149/lifetime)

Mind that you can explore the platform for free during 14 days after the sign up. This lets you test the functionality of the service to the advantage to decide on its further use. You can save big, when upgrading to the lifetime plan. It implies a one-time payment, offering the paid plan terms for good.


Ucraft is a decent website builder, which enables users to build quality websites with superior functionality without any effort, coding skills and notable financial investment. The system offers a collection of templates subdivided into categories based on the industry requirements to fit your business needs perfectly. The templates are responsive and mobile-friendly by default. There is also a multilingual feature, which allows creating websites in several languages at a time.

IM Creator (XPRS)


IM Creator (XPRS) is a cloud website builder, which works best for the needs of business owners and creatives. It is a nice choice for users aiming at creation of eCommerce websites, online portfolios, business websites etc. The system has special feature sets for newbies, who have never been involved in the web development process as well as for experienced web designers, who wish to bring their website functionality to the top notch level.


IM Creator (XPRS) ensures simple and intuitive web building process. Absence of coding skills, easy and understandable dashboard, blogging and eCommerce options along with powerful design customization tools are only a few reasons that speak in favor of using this advanced website builder. The service also has a rich collection of responsive templates that look great on any mobile device, irrespective of their sizes and screen resolutions. Apart from that, the platform comes with ready-made sections, combination and arrangement of which contributes to website design.


IM Creator (XPRS) is absolutely free for creatives, students and non-profit projects, offering them unlimited hosting, individual domain connection option and absence of fees. This is what makes the service a nice choice for these groups of users. All in all, the website builder has three plans, namely:

  • Free ($0/month)
  • Premium ($8/month)
  • White Label ($350/month)

The White Label offer works great for resellers and entrepreneurs. It allows users to avail control over the website builder under their own brand name. Additionally, the plan includes unlimited hosting and an opportunity to launch premium websites.


IM Creator (XPRS) is an easy, but powerful cloud website builder, the range of features of which can comply with any web building endeavours. The system is simple and convenient. You can create any websites here, although, the service works best for people of creative professions and entrepreneurs. There are three plans users may choose from and each of these plans caters to diverse web design requirements. Building a quality website with IM Creator (XPRS) is super easy for everyone.



Mobirise differs from the other website builders reviewed here. This is an offline app, which requires preliminary download and installation. For many users, this nuance is a benefit rather than a problem. The system is geared towards the needs of non-techies, who have never been previously involved in the web design process. Launching landing pages, portfolios, promo and business websites is easy here. It takes a couple of hours only to test the system and use it to create a quality website of your own.


The major Mobirise feature is the absence of standard templates, which have become a common practice for the prevailing amount of contemporary website builders. Traditional templates are replaced by thematic blocks that have to be chosen and arranged at the website to create its structure. The most popular blocks include articles, blogs, charts, price lists, background videos, image and photo galleries, sliders, Google maps, social media integration elements etc. The number of blocks available in the system exceeds 400.


Mobirise is free for everyone. You won’t find any paid elements here – all of them are provided at no cost at all. Hosting and domain name are offered at extra cost, however, but this is a benefit for users, who don’t wish to look for them elsewhere. At the same time, the use of extra extensions (like an online store, for example) requires additional financial investments as well. Some of the Mobirise premium themes and extensions include:

  • DirectM ($29)
  • ColorM ($29)
  • BlockPack ($39)
  • SpaceM ($19)
  • Code Editor ($69)
  • PayPal Cart ($29)
  • WOW Slider ($29)
  • Icons ($19)

Integration of these extensions to your website will give it extra functionality and advanced design.


Mobirise is a website builder, which apparently differs from the rest of the services. This is the downloadable software, which requires installation. The system is, however, convenient and easy-to-use. There are no templates here, but the service offers over 400 thematic blocks to create any website type. This is a nice offer for newbies. Mobirise is absolutely free. However, if you wish to use extra extensions and themes, you’ll need to buy them first.



uKit is a website builder, which was initially created with the needs of entrepreneurs in mind. The website builder is mainly used to launch small business websites and, thus, has all the functionality required for this purpose. Whatever business you run, you will be able to create a niche website to represent it on the web. This is very convenient, fast and simple here.


Launching a quality business website with uKit is very simple. With over 400 of mobile-optimized templates to meet different business niches, 38 thematic categories, abundance of flexible customization tools, widgets, stunning photography, saturated color palette and other features uKit is rich in, any business website created here will gain professional and trusted look. This is true, irrespective of the web design experience of a user.


Currently, uKit offers 4 plans. It doesn’t have any free plan, but Premium and eCommerce plans come with a free trial period, which allows testing the functionality of the system to the advantage before giving preference to any of the subscriptions. The latter include:

  • Premium ($4/month)
  • Premium+ ($8/month)
  • eCommerce ($9.6/month)
  • Pro ($12/month)

As you see, the prices are quite affordable for any user, not to mention the entrepreneurs. The range of services you get at this cost, however, will certainly come up to any web building needs.


If you are looking for a decent website builder to establish reliable and profitable business web presence, then don’t pass by uKit. The functionality and affordability of this advanced website builder will be a pleasant bonus for you, while the process of website creation won’t take longer than a couple of hours. Plus, no coding skills and web design basics are required here. uKit is simple, intuitive, flexible and powerful at the same time.

Bottom Line

Business website creation may be a challenge, if you don’t know how to approach the process smartly. With so many web building tools available these days, this may seem a mission impossible even for professional website builders, not to mention the newbies. This is where website builders come in handy. These systems work well for all users with no exceptions. They have won immense popularity and recognition due to their simplicity and convenience that ideally merge with superior functionality and ensure top notch result. Just try using any of the services reviewed here to have your business website created in less than a few hours and with no hassle at all.

Contributed by Howard Steele of https://superbwebsitebuilders.com/

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