Let’s be honest: many of us never got over cartoons. There are times when we want to chill and enjoy good animated entertainment, and cartoons can often rank at the top of our list. Cartoons are also the best form of entertainment for our kids. 

Whether you want to go back to your childhood and watch cartoons like Mickey Mouse, or you want to make it easy for your kids to access cartoons, you can make the most of Kodi. 

Kodi is an open-source, free media player app that can be used in different operating systems and platforms like television. It also allows you to install add-ons that give you access to cartoon series. Because it’s an open-source app, remember to always use a VPN when integrating Kodi add-ons. This will not only protect you from hackers, but it’s also an excellent way to access blocked content by hiding your IP address. 

As with any other app or software, ensure that you use the latest Kodi update responsibly as a lot of content on its related websites may be illegal or are not suited for young audiences.

That said, let’s dive straight in with the top best Kodi add-ons for cartoons. 

1. Cartoon Crazy

The Kodi Add-On for Cartoon Crazy is a must-have for all fans of the animated series, which features super-villains, strange villains, and an army of crazy villains. The add-on can add a lot of fun to your viewing experience and can even enhance your gaming experience.

Cartoon Crazy is definitely an awesome add-on but keep in mind that you should have an active Internet connection to be able to use the add-on properly. If your Internet is slow, then you can consider using a VPN to get around. You can also check https://securitygladiators.com/cartoon-crazy-alternatives/ to know what your legal alternatives are.

2. South Park

This is one of the most popular animated series that you can find on Kodi. The add-on allows you to view all the episodes from all the seasons so far. Keep in mind that there are over 20 seasons and having a central place to watch all the episodes is a great way to keep your weekend full of fun entertainment. 

Keep in mind, however, that this cartoon is not suitable for kids so it’s important to ensure that you only access this series around people of suitable age.

3. The Simpsons World

It would be hard to mention cartoons without talking about ‘The Simpsons.’ Created by Matt Groening in 1989, it currently has over 650 episodes spread over 30 seasons. With so many episodes, it would be difficult to try and locate them elsewhere and be able to follow every season meticulously. 

However, with The Simpsons World as a Kodi add-on, the episodes are neatly arranged, allowing you to not miss a single one. 

Take note that this add on, however, is mainly be accessible in America. That said, you always have the option of using a VPN so you can enjoy the series from any part of the world. 

4. iPlayer WWW

BBC iPlayer is a Kodi add-on that provides you with access to over 12 BBC-owned channels. That said, you can also access plenty of child-friendly cartoons form CBBC or CBeeBees. 

The only downside is that you’ll need a subscription, and that BBC iPlayer is only accessible to people in the UK. 

But don’t let this discourage you or stop you from accessing some cool British cartoons as you can always use a VPN. Find out how to install and use a VPN to access geo-restricted content. This will hide your location and let you access BBC iPlayer from pretty much any part of the world.

5. Japanese Animated Film Classics

Yet another add-on that you will find at the Kodi repository are Japanese animated film classics. This add-on is not common to many and offers something out of the norm. 

Old Japanese cartoons often have a lesson to impart and were created before the development of digital tech. This means they may be surprising yet a highly engaging and interesting form of entertainment. Share these lessons with your kids, as well as expose them to another culture by getting this Kodi add-on. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it—the top 5 best Kodi add-ons for cartoons. From ‘The Simpsons’ to ‘South Park,’ these add-ons make it simple to access some of the best cartoons and animated entertainment. For those who are go-restricted, don’t fret as you can always make use of a VPN.