One of the most important steps in building your business is choosing the right hosting provider. Although there are many companies that offer hosting services, not all of them give these services with the performance of your business in mind, so if your goal is to advance in SEO marketing it would be advisable to consider only hosts that focus on offering the most useful features. Things like speed of your site count on SEO and that is why you should be careful while choosing a host.

To learn how you could benefit from choosing the right host, here are 5 reasons why this idea will boost the growth of your business:

1. Increase your site’s overall speed

Google takes into consideration user experience to calculate where to place your website on SERPs. One of the experiences that are considered is the site’s speed, which is basically a measure of how long it takes for a page to load fully. Slow websites are hurt by the Google algorithm while those optimized for speed tend to gain more. A web host that offers services that are focused on SEO will put server speed as part of their priorities, and this will definitely improve site’s speed.

2. Uptime, downtime effect on rankings

A hosting provider with a high downtime score is a bad idea if you would like to excel in your SEO business. The reason is that Google spiders crawl your site and when your pages are not accessible due to downtimes they will decide that your pages are not available. If this recurs, your site could be flagged as unreliable and relevant ranking penalties applied. Search engines strive to show reliable sites, so getting a hosting provider that has SEO in mind is a benefit as you will have your website online all the time.

3. Domain and email (personalized email)

It’s also important to consider that a web host caters for your domain and email needs. Your business will definitely need a way to receive information from customers, and an email server is a perfect solution to get you going. Getting a professional email that is tied to your domain is a plus, so web hosting will help you to build a professional image for your SEO business.

4. Space

As your SEO business advances get more clients, you might need to scale and add more resources and pages. Sometimes you want to display videos and create different pages that can help to showcase your services. This is possible with sufficient space and bandwidth that does not throttle the performance of your website.

5. Unique C Class IPs

Hosting your SEO business should also offer you access to unique IP addresses that you can manage separately. The benefit is that you will not trigger search engines to know that you’re different properties are owned by the same webmaster. With good hosting, you will get rid of this risk by placing your sites on different C class IPs.

If you would like to learn more about hosting, you should consider consulting platforms like MangoMatter. Before you start your SEO business, you need to take care of hosting needs. It’s important to choose a hosting provider that keeps your hosting needs in mind, and if you would like to get many of your clients from search results, it would be advisable to prioritize web hosts that give you unique SEO hosting services.