While working in a professional workspace involving customer services, you have many things to focus on. 

From meeting up with the deadlines to communicating with the clients, it’s a hell of a lot of work.

All the essential to-dos fly away from your mind if you didn’t make a note of them and effectively act upon them. This is why you require top project management tools.

On the flip side, retaining a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the A-goal to leverage sales & profits, improve your business reputation, and provide customer satisfaction. 

Project management closes the usually existing communication barrier with your ideal customers, and here we enlist five benefits of it for outstanding customer relationship management.

  • Clarify expectations and project scope

About 52 percent of the projects experience scope creep. This indicates that half of the professionals don’t clarify the apparent scope of work. 

Initially, it is the responsibility of the clients’ to define their expectations in clear terms. 

Next, you and your team must align the scope with the client’s expectations on the same line. 

Fortunately, top project management tools help you in achieving it. Once you define the scope, you can communicate with your clients about it by sharing the details via a project management tool.

This flexible process ensures your escape from “scope creep.”

  • Builds a rapport

Customer relationship management demands effective communication with your customers. Sadly, it is a significant challenge. 

Sporadic phone conversations and endless email threads create chaos in follow-ups with customer queries. Inevitably, it allows you to miss essential details making your team inattentive in the customers’ eyes.

Luckily, a top project management tool streamlines your team’s communication process to drop all queries in their centralized platform. 

It has user-friendly tools like guest access, status updates, discussion forums, chat options, and request approval options, thus preventing the client’s frustration.

  • Allows 100% transparency

Sometimes, clients feel left out from the scenario once they load the responsibilities on your head. 

Previously, you decide upon the project and the deadlines, the client doesn’t hear anything from you until the final deliverable is submitted. This is an inefficient way of dealing with clients. 

If a client wants the update, you can provide them a clear picture of your project status using a top project management tool. 

For example, Slack has an option to define the roles for each team member and the client so that they can use their guess id to view the project status within minutes.

If you want 100% transparency, make sure that the project management tool you choose will highlight and boost the following project metrics: 

  • Productivity: The project management tool should show the project’s timeline to identify delays and underperformance that impact productivity and client satisfaction. 
  • Scope of Work: There could be additions and changes in the scope of work. So, it’s crucial to choose a tool that can track change requests to control them and ensure the project’s accomplishment on time and within the budget. 
  • Quality and Customer Satisfaction: You have to check when choosing a project management tool to ensure quality assurance and quality management. This customer-focused metric enables you to catch issues early to prevent customer complaints. It also helps avoid defects throughout your project and promotes high-quality deliverables. 
  • Gross Margin: The ultimate goal of a project is to increase profits. You can attain an excellent gross margin through constant metric monitoring. Gross margin refers to the difference between the total income and project expenditure.
  • Delivers on-time outcome

Keeping up with the deadlines is easier said than done. Particularly, when your team is working with dozens of projects all at once, they juggle between them. 

It is tough to keep track of everything. This is where project management software becomes handy and streamlines all your internal operations, thus organizing every task in your calendar.

It also helps your colleagues prioritize their tasks, thus enabling you to submit the deliverables on time. Asana Jira integration and similar solutions can help deliver on-time outcomes. In this way, you can attain more seamless and straightforward project management. A robust integrated project management solution can help accomplish your goals faster and easier than before. It will open more doors of opportunities for your business.

  • Cost-effective method

As you may already know, using a project management tool has several benefits at affordable rates. 

With the multiple tracking systems for the expense, time, and budget, you get an extensive report on the desirable formats like Gantt Charts to analyze the projects’ progress from time to time.

Apart from that, you get valuable insights from real-time reporting that are seldom available through manual reports.

Plus, in retrospect, you can check whether your actions are aligned with the project scope based on the weekly and monthly reports.

All these can be done with just one tool that assures quality to your customers.


Customer satisfaction is the top priority in the professional service industry. To match up the expectations and perform in an organized manner, you require project management software. Therefore, choose one that integrates with your CRM software.