At one time, the traveling salesman would be at your door regularly with new items to show you. In fact, it was so common that there were a million and one jokes about traveling salesmen. However, that seems to be a long-forgotten tradition except in certain circles. Since eCommerce has become so popular, few salespeople need to travel around with samples to demonstrate. It’s easier just to set up an online marketplace. But, is that as effective as letting consumers actually get a hands-on demonstration of your products?

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Some companies still sell products at direct marketing events, home ‘parties’ (think Amway, Mary Kay,and Avon), and yes, some salespeople are still brave enough to go door to door. These are the salespeople who could benefit well with a POS barcode scanner, but the software they use must be customizable to their needs. Here are five of the benefits mobile POS barcode scanner software has to offer.

1. Easy Mobile Sales

One of the handiest applications for mobile POS barcode scanners for smart devices is the fact that you need no longer carry around a receipt pad. You can scan the barcodes on the products you carry, tally the sale, and then send a digital receipt through that very same smart device you just scanned the barcode with.

2. Daily Sales Ledgers

With a barcode scanner, you can save every sale to a file on your mobile device so that the day’s receipts can be summed up for a daily total. These are typically saved to a file, and often that file is in the Cloud. If a boss wants to see your progress at any time throughout the day, they can simply log onto the server, look at your sales receipts, and there is no need to interrupt while you are working with another potential buyer.

3. Accounting and Taxes

Also, by keeping an accurate ledger of day-to-day sales, you have all the records at your disposal to satisfy your accountant and Uncle Sam at tax time. Even accountants can move things over to their own books throughout the day to keep tabs on the financial end of the business. It makes it much easier to digitally organize daily receipts than it is at the end of each week or each quarter than it does to take all those paper receipts to be entered yet again into a ledger.

4. Inventory Control

As each sale is made and transmitted to a central file in the cloud, everything can be integrated with the company’s ERP platform. This makes it easy to keep up on inventory, especially when customers are giving an order for products which may be temporarily out of stock. The production team can get to work restocking those items – and all without needless delay.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Finally, customers are happy to have a way to see and buy products without a time-consuming trip to the manufacturer or distributor. They are happy they will not have one more hardcopy receipt to keep track of and any information can be transmitted digitally and kept in a safe location (Cloud storage) online.

It’s amazing what technology can do and if you are tasked with mobile sales, this is one handy piece of software for use on any smart device. Your job is easier, as will the tasks be in all departments. Set up at trades shows, direct marketing events, and even at flea markets and kiosks at the mall. With no paper receipts to deal with, you will find it easier than ever to expand your reach and grow your market share. And, that’s the best benefit of all.