Part 1: Spyier – Spy On Your Wife In A Discreet Way

The number one app on our list is none other than Spyier. With a detailed and structured spy app like Spyier, you can spy on your wife without anyone figuring you out. Spyier gives your every detail that you want to know about your wife.

Spyier is the most popular app in the spying market. Why wouldn’t it be? It has the best features that no other spying tool out there can have. And this is why Spyier has a client base largest than any other app’s. It is utilized all over the world in 190+ countries by millions of people.

Spyier’s fame and notability has reached all around. It has even been recognized by many international media outlets like BuzzFeed, Forbes, TechRadar, and many more. These media brands have not only praised Spyier’s works but have also recommended it as the top spying app in the world.

And when you’re spying, you will definitely never want to be discovered. If your wife finds out that you’re spying on her, it can end your already delicate relationship badly. So, Spyier makes sure that you are never found out.

You can visit the Spyier official website and get to know more about it there. You can spy on Android as well as iOS devices with Spyier, as Spyier is all about ease and convenience.

Spyier is the most trustworthy spying application, unlike many others. There are tons of spying apps out there but most of them are nothing but scams and fraudulent apps that will attempt to steal your and your wife’s data. But Spyier has solved this problem for you.

What Makes Spyier Stand Out From The Rest?

There are many reasons that make Spyier stand out among the rest of the spying application. Here we have listed a few major ones.

It’s Extremely Easy To Use

Comparing it with other apps, Spyier is not only effective but also very easy to use as well. You can spy on your wife’s phone without any difficulty. Even if you’ve got no specialized knowledge, Spyier will still work for you.

This ease is through its well-designed interface and an online dashboard that can be accessed from any internet browser that you already have in your device.

Remote iPhone Spying Solution

iPhone or any other iOS device spying is extremely easy with Spyier. It is completely remote and you don’t even need to touch the target device of your wife even for once. This way, no one especially your wife won’t even have a single doubt about you spying on her.

Ios phones are equipped with iCloud features and Spyier makes use of these features to get you each and every data that you want from your wife’s phone.

Easy Android Spying Solution

Android spying is also very easy with Spyier, although not as remote as iPhone spying. You need to get hold of your wife’s phone but only for one time. The spying application needs to be installed on the target phone if you wish to spy on android applications.

But the app is very discreet and won’t ever reveal your identity as it is completely hidden and does not show among other apps. It won’t even deplete any battery either.

Social Media Spying

With Spyier, you can also spy on social media apps on your wife’s phone. You can spy on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, etc. You can read all the messages and view the media exchanged on these platforms.

These are just some of the wonderful highlights that Spyier has. Get started with it yourself to get to know more.

Part 2: Minspy

In the second place of our list, we have put Minspy. Minspy is also one of the best spying applications that can help you find out the truth behind your wife’s busy schedule. It is the second-best in the market and has spying features resembling those of Spyier.

Minspy is a well-known spying app and is used by masses. It has incredible features that can help you catch your cheating wife. Or if she’s not cheating on you but is only over-stressed due to work, you can find this out too.

With Minspy, you can read your wife’s text messages and also view her call logs. More than that, you can even record the calls that you wish.

Part 3: Spyine

Spyine is another strong competitor in the world of spying. That is why we have placed it on the third spot on our list. It is a wonderful spying app that can help you clear your doubts regarding your wife.

Spyine can help you a lot when it comes to keeping an eye on your wife. It does all the work in secret to keep your identity closed and hidden. All the features are discreet. You can spy on android as well as ios gadgets with Spyine.

Part 4: Spyic

On the fourth spot, we’ve got Spyic. Spyic is a good spying and hacking application and assists you in finding out all the details about your wife that she hides from you.

With Spyic, you can even track your wife’s location through her cellphone and find out the places she has been visiting recently. This way, you know what is bothering her.

Part 5: Cocospy

The last spot on our list of top best spying apps goes to Cocospy. It is a decent spying application and can do the spying job well. You get to spy on every part of your wife’s phone. Get to know more about it on Neatspy.

With Cocospy, you can even spy on the social media accounts of your wife. Social media can tell you a lot about a person. Cocospy knows this and hence allows you to view the messages and other media transferred through social media.


So, these are the best 5 spying applications of the planet. You get to see every piece of data on your wife’s phone. All of these applications work effectively, but Spyier’s the ultimate best.