Having an android phone is much needed equipment for the travellers moving across different continents and places. Android phones are helpful in many ways like, booking hotels, tickets, to find pit stops, as well as can get any kind of information in the palm of your hand.

As the use of mobile phone is increasing day by day just because of its variety of features, it has taken an important place in a travellers list. People are being more depended on their phone while travelling rather than any other stuff.

Frankly speaking using your android phone is easier than asking people for directions or even using any other technique. Now days the app store has been updated with many new and innovative apps which can help you in your accommodation and let you travel without any trouble.

In order to make your travel journey less hectic and a smooth one, we have some amazing travel apps that one can easily install in android phone and use it without any complications. These apps will help you to make the right decision according to your preference while you travel through different destinations. Some apps also provide unlimited international calls to help connecting people to people.


This is one of the best independent apps you will find for travelling. This app comes with some varied options and it also allows people to rent out spare rooms to the random travellers which cost less than a hotel room. Apart from that feature you can even add your specific events to itinerary that you are interested in.


This is one of the highly rated travel apps among other travel apps present in the app store. The app is mainly famous for having a wide range of hotels, motels and also other accommodations at its disposal. Not only does the app show you information about the local landmarks, events but also about nearest WIFI hotspots.


Are you out somewhere in an unknown land whose language is out of your understanding? Then this app is your life saver. Google translator is known as the best translating app among others and it features the ability to transfer any language virtually to any other language.


This is a newly updated app in the app store. This app is a trip planner that helps you to plan a trip by placing your reservations, plans and stuff in one place. It also displays nearby events and also works in offline mode so that you can access it even in a no network coverage area.

  • KAYAK:

This is one of the most consistence travel app for years. This is an all in one app that helps you book hotel, flights, and also rent cars. Adding into it, it contains an explore option that helps you check out the places you want to travel. This app kind of does everything that you need to do before taking off on a travel journey through different countries.