Custom mobile applications are soon becoming the talk of the town. There are two main reasons behind the growth of popularity of custom mobile app development services. The first is the savings in time spent by employees of a business in order to meet the customers needs. The second more important reason is the sheer increase in revenues for a business.

When we talk of customization, there can be two meanings. If a business, say an e-commerce venture, is looking for a mobile app. It can either go for a standard mobile application developer and use the same or it can opt for a customised app development. In the latter, it can further go in for complete customization or partial customization. 

In this article, we look at 5 advantages of custom mobile app development. Let’s get started.

  • Seamless Integration

A lot of the businesses that are looking to get applications built today already had a fledgling revenue stream from their work. It’s just that they wish to add the value of the app to expand to a new customer base that likes buying stuff on their mobile phones. 

In such a scenario where an existing business is successful, opting for a general business app may not lead to increase in revenue due to friction between the physical and online world. If the same business avails custom mobile app development services, then the results can be outstanding as there will be seamless integration. 

  • Faster Scalability 

Large number of startups go for standardised mobile app development to save money for their core competency. However, once they become an economic success and need to handle a large number of customers and the associated data, they realise that the standardised app is not easy to scale up

It, thus, makes sense for confident founders to spend that extra money on custom made apps as compared to standard mobile apps. In fact, there has been an evolution of writing modern mobile apps which has made it economical in the long run for businesses to choose custom mobile app development. 

  • Higher Security

Startups these days cover areas that range from handling personal data to government secrets. Further, data privacy laws in many jurisdictions are making it more difficult by putting in more safeguards when it comes to data collected or stored by companies. In this context, it becomes all the more important for the mobile app to be secure.

This requisite data security will no doubt be there in any general app developed by sincere developers. However, if your business is involved in sensitive data that needs more protection, opting for custom mobile app development makes the most sense as security gets the right amount of focus in such development. 

  • Ease of Maintenance

This is a major hindrance when it comes to general business mobile apps. At the time of getting your business, they will assure you that if you face any issues with your mobile application, they will be at your immediate service. However, it is important to remember that they are providing the same service to multiple businesses.

At the same time, the vagaries of the tech world are not unknown. Who knows if they will be around after a decade when you are flourishing? In such a scenario, shifting to a completely new app will be nothing short of a nightmare unless you opt for custom mobile app development. 

  • Live Tracking of Workflow

It needs to be remembered that a business has a lot of steps in the process from getting a lead to closing the sale. Be it product-oriented or service-oriented, it is important for the founder and the executives to be in control of the process at all the crucial stages.

While this live tracking of the workflow is a popular feature and can be found in some form or the other in most business side apps, one of the benefits of custom mobile app development services is that the same app can be used for multiple features. Live tracking of even relatively uncommon steps in the sales process can be made possible through such apps.

No wonder custom mobile app development is gaining currency in the tech world and beyond. However, one must be sure that opting for custom mobile app development does not make you lose your first mover advantage. Custom mobile app development has a lot of advantages as discussed above but it sure takes time to build. The cost factor also needs to be taken into account.