Everyone prefers bright and vibrant videos while scrolling social media or learning on online platforms. Irrespective of the videos being shot professionally or as a just hobby, video content has more than 1 billion users every day in over 91 countries. 

Vblogging has also become an enormous industry, and good quality videos are in demand all the time. So if you are a video content creator, you must have read reviews on video editing software, and have worked with at least one kind of paid and free video editing software. Getting an exciting and catchy output has two parts – shooting equality video with the right types of equipment and efficient use of video editing tools at your disposal. 

At large, your motive is to catch the attention of the target audience with video content you create. So if you have already captured awesome aerial videos from your mobiles, GoPro or DJI drone, all your need is an easy to use and stable video editing software that can turn your raw footage into magic.

However, not every video editing software is compatible with editing 4K large size videos recorded by mobiles, GoPro and DJI Drone. A lot of problems crop up now and then- 

  • Output video suffers quality loss
  • There are strange unwanted pixels in the output video
  • The output video turns laggy after editing
  • The software does not support the 4K HEVC/MKV/MOV format 

These problems become unbearable and time-wasting for professionals. Also, these problems stop novices from even getting started with video editing. It would be best if you had free video editing software that does not encounter any of these trivial issues, and one such software is Digiarty VideoProc, which is a quick solution to all your post-production requirements.  

If you know what output you are looking for and do not have the expertise and resources to go for an advanced software VideoProc is an alternative well worth exploring as it has rich parameter settings for 4K large video editing. 

What is VideoProc? 

VideoProc is a video editing and conversion software that comes with a complete DJI video editing toolbox for anyone looking for a stable tool with more accessible and faster output. If you are looking for a software that gives you speedy video output with GPU acceleration, than VideoProc is the best software available in the market to edit 4K Large videos, VideoProc software will effortlessly edit your footage regardless of whether it was taken on a smartphone, camera or even an action cam such as GoPro. 

This is an easy-to-use option to quickly convert your GoPro, DJI drone footage into a format that its media player will recognize and read. Such large videos require more features to edit and convert files, and VideoProc takes care of all of them. 

What makes VideoProc Special?

The core technology that makes VideoProc special is its Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology that aids the software in speeding up while dealing with 4K large videos. This has advantages like 47x real-time increase in speed, Full GPU Acceleration works without compromise on the quality of output and it lowers CPU usage to 33%,  

The Full GPU acceleration also enhances your setup’s ability to quickly convert and resize large file formats such as HEVC H.265 to H.264, MKV to iPhone/MP4, AVI to YouTube, 3D to 2D, and adjust 4K UHD videos smoothly. 

While editing the power-hungry files such as 4K UHD where there is extreme pressure CPU, GPU, hard disk, and memory can cause lag in system and disturbance in your output file. This isn’t the case with VideoProc’s Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology gives a significant boost to the system and ensures a fluid workflow of power between all parts of systems and parallel cooperation allows focus on the editing video task at hand.  

How to use VideoProc to Edit Video?

VideoProc software is available for download for both Mac and Windows users. 

Here is a quick example of how to convert and edit your video footage. Although you need to first download free VideoProc software from the official site: 

Step 1 – Click the Video icon from the home screen.

Step 2 – Drag and drop your video into the working area and select the target format from the bottom bar.

Here you can convert files, choose an output format such as MP4/MKV/MOV, create GIFs, de-noise/stabilize/remove fisheye, and edit (click cut, crop, rotate, etc.). You also have an option to add effects, watermark, extract audio, etc. by clicking into the respective labels.

Step 3 – When you are satisfied with the settings, click the Run button to start processing.

You can also watch this official video tutorial of VideoProc to get a gist of it’s editing capacities –


The market has a significant demand for action cameras like GoPro, DJI devices, and the importance of efficient drive video editors is also increasing. Among the vast number of paid and free video editing softwares and apps available, none of them have features to get a stable and clean output. This is where a powerful 4K video editor tool called VideoProc from Digiarty caters to various needs of both practiced hands and beginners. With their cutting edge algorithms and ability to adapt to the needs of their customers, it makes VideoProc the top choice in the market of good to use video editing softwares.