Cloud cost optimization is the practice of reducing Cloud costs and optimizing resources utilization by the Cloud infrastructure team. Unfortunately, many Cloud users and companies cannot deal with the spiraling costs and end up wondering how to make the most of Cloud management. This article will discuss four ways that can help you save up on Cloud spend by using Cloud cost optimization.  

  • Performance Analysis 

Companies can utilize the  Cloud service provider’s reporting features. They can  conduct an in-depth performance analysis of their Cloud infrastructure with key metrics in real-time. When the full analysis is completed correctly, it will help them to observe if the application is likely to be cost-effective in the long run. 

  • Execute Persistent Monitoring 

The Cloud infrastructure team is responsible for mapping out the specifications of all their servers. Since they are the ones who monitor everything precisely, they should create alerts and automated actions for better performance. Monitoring will also help them figure out the overall costs and control them more affordably in the long run. So, executing a continuous monitoring system will be able to help track your expenses the right way. One can use CloudKeeper’s CK Lens ™ platform, to track the  Cloud costs and take necessary actions efficiently. Companies can make the most of CloudKeeper’s tracking, billing summary, and cost breakups to manage costs efficiently. Deriving insights about the infrastructure usage costs is also possible with CloudKeeper. 

  • Invest In Automation 

Manual monitoring, management, and controlling can be highly effective but inefficient, and the accuracy can be at risk. One might not always be correct about mitigating the costs and making the system more efficient. Companies should start investing in automation to monitor resource utilization. 

  • Cut Down On Excess Storage 

Optimization of Cloud storage is one of the most critical ways to control costs. Unused resources and redundancies allow the charges to shoot up. Cloudkeeper’s AWS Cloud Analytics platform- CK LensTM, can provide companies a detailed analysis of resource utilization and cost breakups on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 

The Bottom Line

 With CloudKeeper, companies can easily compare and view their Cloud cost savings. It also provides exceptional AWS cost management by allowing companies to get billed at reserved instances like pricing. Apart from that, guaranteed savings, no minimum billing commitments, and instant benefits at no risk are also extracted. Then, why keep waiting?