According to a recent study, news of a bad customer service experience reaches twice as many people as a good experience does.

This statistic alone should be enough to motivate you to optimize the customer experience you provide. The last thing you want is to lose business due to a lack of foresight or motivation. Doing a thorough evaluation of your customer service and the experience you are offering clients can help you see where changes need to be made.

Optimizing the customer experience you provide is easy when following these helpful tips.

1. Provide Customers With the Means to Help Themselves

Most tech-savvy customers try to find the information they need about your company online. Making it easier for these consumers to find helpful information about what you do is important. Looking at a cumulative flow chart will allow you to see what the customer’s journey is and how to improve it.

Using things like an FAQ knowledge-base or even a live chat on your website is a great idea. With these tools, your customers should have no problem solving the issues they are dealing with.

2. Make it Easy to Find Your Company’s Contact Information

If a consumer has to go on a wild goose chase to find your contact information, it can frustrate them. You should never make a customer work hard to find out how to speak with a member of your team. Consumers who are unable to have their needs met by the self-service tools you provide, will need to speak with a knowledgeable team member.

Some customers may get the feeling you are trying to avoid speaking with them if your contact information is not readily available. Rather than creating these problems, you need to make sure customers can find your phone numbers and email addresses easily.

3. Listen To Feedback From All Sides

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a business owner is failing to listen to feedback. Whether this feedback is from customers or staff, you need to listen to it and react appropriately. Often times, your staff will have a unique perspective on how to improve the customer experience.

Listening to the suggestions they have will allow you to make the right changes with ease. If you keep getting the same feedback from your customers, chances are some things need to be changed. Taking this information and using it to optimize the customer service you provide will only benefit your company in the long run.

4. Consistency is Key

For most consumers, finding a company that can consistently provide them with the service they are looking for is important. The last thing you want to do is start off strong on your mission of increased customer service and then lose sight of the goal shortly after. This level of inconsistency will only lead to you losing customers in the long run.

Improving the customer experience you provide will require a great deal of trial and error. Learning from the mistakes you make along the way can help you increase customer satisfaction levels with ease.