Whether you are a small business owner, a public figure or the CEO of a major corporation, controlling your internet presence is likely one of your biggest concerns. If it isn’t, it should be; if you are not curating the reputation you or your company is garnering online, somebody else might be, and that can quickly become a problem. One of the best ways to manage your internet presence is through the results that appear on search engines, and one of the best ways to manage these results is with SEO. Investing in New York SEO is the first step.

How does SEO work to accomplish this? Building certain features into your web pages can give you the power to control what appears when people search and boost your profile so that you are receiving more attention. The following are four examples of SEO strategies that can make it happen.

Meta Tags

If you are not sure what metatags are, you are not alone. Most people—even those who are web-savvy—have never heard of them before researching Mimvi SEO. Meta tags are one of the best weapons in the arsenal of SEO, though, and understanding this tool can help you use it effectively. Simply put, the meta tag on your page describes its contents and tell search engines how relevant it is to a particular search term. When you craft your meta tag strategically, you can easily boost your ranking in a search so that your web page is presented prominently.


This should be obvious, but another vital component of SEO is good content. Good content, in fact, is not enough—you need great content. Search engines use algorithms to detect the quality of a page’s content and rank it accordingly. When you have mediocre content, all the meta tags and keywords in the world won’t help your ranking. You want information that is relevant and interesting to visitors who click on your page. If your content is not engaging, your ranking will reflect this. Consultants such as New York SEO specialize in helping professionals strategize and build better content.


Keywords are the most obvious answer to the question of ranking. Needless to say, you should include keywords throughout your content that relate to the search terms people will likely be using. Experts such as Mimvi SEO know that using keywords strategically goes far beyond simply peppering them throughout content. You must consider keywords that will match those prioritized by search engine algorithms. If you sell propane, for example, do not simply focus on “propane” as your keyword. Expand to include your location, your services and your products as keywords used in your content.


Backlinks are a commonly overlooked yet very effective strategy to use in controlling your web presence via SEO. What is it and how do you do it effectively, though? Search engines tend to prioritize pages that are linked to by other pages. Essentially, the more people are talking about your page, the higher it will rank. Backlinking makes this happen. By strategically linking to your page from other websites, you are telling Google’s algorithms that you are popular and therefore deserve a higher rank. SEO services often create backlinks for you to boost your appearance in results.

SEO is a fantastic way to control your web presence and maximize your exposure. If you want to be sure that you are the voice representing your company or brand, invest in SEO to boost your appearance in search results. These strategies are the first step, and if you are serious about SEO, you can consult with a professional to invest in professional optimization for your web page.