When you think about your favorite brands, personally, what draws you to them? While the products they sell might be exceptionally good, it’s usually much deeper than this. At some level, you find the brand relatable. You connect with what it represents.

Shifting gears, it’s important that you look at your own business through this same lens. Do your customers and clients find your brand relatable? If you’re having trouble answering this question, the answer is probably no. Luckily, you can turn things around. 

4 Tips for Bringing Your Brand to Life 

Breathing life into your brand and connecting with customers in a highly personal way has never been easier than it is now, but you have to step up to the plate and swing away. Here are a few actionable steps you can take: 

1. Learn How to Use Social Media 

There is no platform that’s better for connecting with people than social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other networking site, there’s tremendous value just waiting to be extracted.

The key to social media is to be open and honest. Speak like if you were having a conversation with someone in a one-on-one, face-to-face manner. Ditch the corporate jargon and open up. That’s what social media users find endearing. 

2. Integrate Video Into Your Content Strategy 

Content is one of the primary weapons you have in humanizing your brand. However, in this sense, not all content is created equal. Text-based content – such as blog posts and press releases – are great, but don’t always exude personality. If you want to really connect with your audience on an emotional level, try integrating video into your content strategy.

The video on this page from Craig, Kelley, & Faultless LLC is the perfect example. Go ahead and watch the video and notice how it prods and pulls your emotions. By the time you finish watching the video, you’ll feel like you have a much better idea of what the brand stands for than when you started. That’s the power of video in a content strategy. 

3. Feature Your Staff 

Customers want to see the people behind your brand. They have a desire to know who’s working for the company and what they’re like. Instead of using generic stock photos, feature your employees on your website. Publish headshots and bios. Feature a behind the scenes video with members of your staff. Really push the idea that your brand is built on individual people with unique stories. That’s how you win clients over. 

4. Build Inroads in the Community 

Many of today’s leading businesses have “community managers” on their payrolls. These individuals are tasked with promoting the brand and building community around it. Whether you decide to hire a community manager or not, you should always look for opportunities to connect with those around you.

“If you are a local run business, finding ways to get involved in community projects and events that are important to the neighborhood is a great way to build relations and to put a face to the name of your brand,” marketer Sabri Suby writes. If you run an online business, creating an online community goes a long way towards becoming relatable. 

Stop Hiding Behind Your Brand 

There are plenty of brands that put forth a façade and invest time, energy, and money into maintaining what is essentially a fake representation of what the company stands for. Honestly, trying to put forth an artificial brand image is wasteful and low returning. The best thing you can do is step up and humanize your brand through transparency.

In doing so, you’ll notice an overwhelmingly positive response from your customers and enjoy stronger brand loyalty for years to come.