Since 2005, YouTube has given many people an opportunity to make it big online. Going beyond comedy shows and videos with viral potential, the site has now caters to a new breed of internet celebrities—The “Let’s Play”-er.

If you aspire to be the same caliber as the most famous gaming personalities on YouTube and Twitch, you should be able to start your own gaming channel.

Sure, success doesn’t come easily. For many people who have been in the gaming niche for quite some time now (the PewDiePies and the Markipliers), there’s just no formula to making it big. Making a breakthrough just sort of happens. But it’s important to say that nothing will ever happen if you don’t take the right first steps.

That being said, consider this not as a guide to success, but as a way forward in setting up your very own gaming channel on YouTube.

1. Sign up for an account and set up your profile

This is a no-brainer. With Google’s acquisition of the video streaming service, it’s easy to start your own gaming channel right away using your Google account. Once you have logged in, make sure you use a catchy nickname as your channel ID and use a simple yet attractive logo for your avatar image. You can also set up a cover photo to give your profile an added boost of personality.

2. Search for a niche

Which games are you good at? Are you more of a real-time strategy gamer, or a fan of beat-em-ups like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? Finding your niche in the YouTube gaming sector is important as you need to specify the kind of content you will be creating. As a start, you will have to define your audience first and figure out what they really want.

3. Use original content

This is perhaps the most important rule on YouTube. Every month, the site is able to pull in at least 1.8 billion users. You can imagine the amount of content being created daily, a large percentage of which includes tired and overused tropes. You wouldn’t want to go down that path obviously. So, instead of doing what everyone else is doing right now, you might as well chart a new path. Explore new ideas and put in a lot of effort in finding fresh content for your gaming channel.

4. Invest in the right gaming equipment

Now, if you have enough funds in your pocket, you might want to consider getting a high-performing desktop PC or a gaming laptop. One thing’s for sure, you would want to be practical as to the choice of games you will be playing. Still, you wouldn’t want to buy the latest game console or a high-end PC as a means to start your YouTube gaming channel.

It’s still best to use whatever equipment you have right now. Focus on creating original content. Once you have nurtured a huge following and monetized your gaming channel in the process, you can move on to purchasing better consoles and games, and upgrading your AV recording equipment.