iPhone 7 is one of the innovative devices that Apple had launched in the recent times. It got rid of the audio jack and brought inside a bunch of software and hardware features. Obviously, there is nothing to worry of the build of making quality. Just like any other iPhone from Apple Inc., iPhone 7 is also something superb for sure. Then, there’s the story of rough users, who don’t care about the device in their hands. We too have a few friends who drop their smartphones every once in a while. if you are one of them, you undoubtedly have to get an iPhone case.

Gone are days when you had a single choice of iPhone case. Currently, you can choose from a wide variety of iPhone cases — from different developers and brands. Therefore, you need to put some effort when you need the perfect protective case for your iPhone 7. In this article, we have listed a few tips to help you choose the best.

1. The Design Matters

On top of everything, the protective case should properly house your iPhone 7. Here, however, a few things need to be checked out. First of all, make sure that it’s a complete fit. There should be no space between its body and iPhone case layer. That way, you won’t have any problems while subjecting the device to rougher use scenarios. You should also make sure that the protective case leaves enough space for buttons and the proper sensors. As per what Apple says, the case must not interfere with proper functioning of the device — including sensors, antennae and other minute things.

2. Choosing the Right Material

As we said earlier, iPhone protective cases are made with different construction materials. One of the superb choices are carbon fiber iPhone 7 cases. When compared to the other materials in use — such as PET —, Carbon Fiber is something superb. Obviously, the choice is yours, depending on the user-scenario. Still, it needs to be noted that Carbon Fiber is ultra-lightweight yet super-powerful. It is even used by NASA for Aerospace purposes. It’s highly recommended that you go for an iPhone 7 cases that are made of CF.

3. Additional Features

Protective cases are not just for protection nowadays. If you can spend some more money, you can have a bunch of additional features as well. One of the features we love is the inclusion of a power-bank. It is also popular as iPhone charger case. These cases come with an in-built power-bank that can be charged. If there is not enough charge in your iPhone, power will be drawn from the device. Because of the fact that Apple is still using low-capacity batteries in their devices, you have a reason to purchase an additional-feature case like this. There are also other options like camera enhancements.

4. Style and Performance

Although somewhat uniform, the style and build of Apple iPhones are unmatchable. When you choose one protective case, it should not mess with the total aesthetics of your iPhone. Even by a comparison of iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8, the former would be the winner in terms of design. Therefore, the protective case must be well-crafted for retaining the style and looks. It’s completely okay if you want to use designer cases; still, there should be care for the material of construction. That’s why we really recommend going for a well-built material like carbon fiber, which is already widely used nowadays. At the end of the day, the case should absorb as much as shock as it can — thus protecting your iPhone hardware.

Wrapping up, choosing the iPhone 7 case is a time-consuming task. You’ll have to go through various choices and products. However, we believe — if you know the perfect build and material to be used — things will be simpler enough.