Business structures differ. Regardless of the structure and niche of your business, it is important to create a website to broaden your customer reach, and promote your products and services using online marketing strategies.

In this article, you will learn some helpful tips for effective website development that could your business.

  1. Design Responsively

Website design should be carried out responsively. If website development is viewed at the same computer monitor size as what the web developer uses, then user experience suffers. When your website is viewed on mobile devices, users may not see other important parts of the page and may even prevent them from navigating other pages.

Create a responsive design by:

  • Adding responsive meta tags in the HTML document
  • Applying media queries to the website layout
  • Making images and videos responsive
  • Ensuring typography or font is readable on mobile devices
  1. Focus On User Experience

A website featuring user-friendly navigation focuses on user experience, which will generate more leads. So, how do you design a user-friendly website?  Check the tips below.

  • Get Pages Load Fast

Online users want to find information quickly. That’s why you should avoid slow-loading pages. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check your website speed in order to find ways improve its load time.

  • Maximize White Space

You don’t have to cover every part of your website with photos, videos, text, or all sorts of graphics. White space breaks up a busy webpage and makes it easier to read and browse. Also, maximizing white space creates a cleaner, more responsive, and more professional web design.

  • Ensure Simple Navigation

Users use different navigation tools in your website, such as your site map, scroll bars, search bar, and headings. If you want to convert more visitors into paying customers, install intuitive and easy-to-use navigation tools.

  1. Avoid Committing Common Mistakes

There are potential risks of web development and you need to avoid them so as not to commit the same mistakes that other website owners make. For instance, providing too much or too little information is not good. A fully-loaded website with crowded texts, images, videos, and ads can be irritating, making web visitors leave immediately.

Here are the other common mistakes in web development you should avoid:

  • Using Old School HTML

When laying out your content, limit displaying info in tabular form. Use the current markup options and use HTML to properly describe content.

  • Creating A Browser-Specific Website

While it’s not practical to test your web pages in all browsers and versions during development, regular checking is a good approach to determine how your website appears in different browsers. If your website is using CSS features for a specific browser, reset them to default. Be cautious when approaching vendor prefixes, like -moz-, -ms-, or -webkit-.

  • Bad Form

Be specific with the information you’re asking in your website forms. For instance, an ‘address’ could mean a business address, residential address, or an email address. Also, you can take advantage of current data validation techniques for the benefit of your website and your visitors.

  1. Make Visuals More Engaging

Visuals break up texts on your website. Visitors can easily digest information if you have great visuals. Also, it promotes a better browsing experience to increase leads.

Check the following tips when using visuals as part of web design:

  • Use Authentic Photos

Don’t be one of the many who use stock photos. While it’s one way to easily add visuals, using genuine pictures creates a more personal experience, making visitors feel closer to your brand.

  • Explain Complex Topics Using Videos

Videos boost engagement, getting more people interested in your business. Showcase your products and services using videos, most especially when explaining complicated concepts.

  • Use Infographics

Present data using infographics, which is a way to highlight facts. Infographics can be used to visually present statistics and essential facts. It’s a great way to catch the attention of your target audience, helping them easily find valuable information from your website. 


An effective website development consists of designing a responsive website that greatly focuses on user experience. Make sure to avoid common web design mistakes by following the tips shared above. Also, you have to make your visual content more engaging to get noticed, such as using high-quality videos and infographics.