It’s not always easy to convert a creative passion into a business.  In fact, most artists fail at building a business from their creative endeavors, as 80% of new business attempts collapse in the first year.  The good news is, that there is proof that the realm of art can be extremely profitable, and thus creative artistry can become a successful business.  The bad news is, that many artists often neglect the technology that can help them achieve their goals when starting a prosperous art business. That’s why we’ve curated these top tech solutions to help you transform yourself into a better entrepreneur and more easily render legitimate, income-earning opportunities with your art.

Use Mobile Apps That Helps You Get Into the Business Mindset

It’s true that a day-in-the-life of an artist-entrepreneur looks radically different from, say, a day trader or a freelance financial consultant. However, the fundamentals of operating an art business look the same no matter what kind of entrepreneurial aspirations you might have.  To explain, the core basics of running a business require things such as time management, budgeting, checklists, etc. 

In many cases, creative types are accused of falling short when it comes to business strategies.  If you can relate, then adopt tech tools that business executives use on their mobile devices.  There are a slew of business apps for productivity, networking, time management, communication, to-do lists, and so much more.  Any of these apps can keep you on the right track towards nurturing your artwork into a business that shines.

Get Serious About Organizing Your Assets

Every artist is different, but each shares a common denominator – they love the freedom to create.  In many cases, this unbridled spirit of creativity can get out of control.  That’s why every artist who strives to be an entrepreneur and build a business needs to have a digital asset management system in place.  Digital asset management (DAM), is a full-spectrum tool that allows artists to categorize, organize and prioritize a virtually endless body of work. 

Furthermore, a DAM can help artists effortlessly sort through various media files.  In almost every artist’s entrepreneurial path, there are times when renderings and creations must be shared with investors, lenders, clients or customers.  If you have a computer that is jammed with all the images or files of your work without any kind of order – that’s going to limit your access to the files you need in a split second. That’s where a DAM can save time and help land opportunities for growing an art business. 

Furthermore, rifling through files is a major time suck while you hunt for the perfect digital asset you need to pitch your next art installation or project.  This is where a DAM is a technological wonder.  It can help you improve, convert, assign collections and store your artistic assets with mind-blowing ease – making your work as an artistic entrepreneur much easier.

Leverage the Internet for Your Art Business Success

It might seem like a no-brainer, but utilizing the tech of the ‘net is a powerful way to switch from hobby artist to successful entrepreneur.  However, many artists feel they don’t need a website to succeed, or avoid having websites altogether.

The primary reason for this is the concern of online theft or other people stealing images from a site.   Thankfully, there are clever apps that can be installed on any art website that prevent copyright infringements. With the help of widgets and plugins, a website can be an incredible boon to any artist who is looking to spread the news about their artistic business online, while still maintaining proprietary artistic visions and protecting copyrights.

At the very least, aspiring artists wanting to launch a business should take advantage of the technology built into mega online markets such as Etsy, Amazon or Artsy.  These marketplaces allow you to sell your artwork on their websites, without the tech challenges of installing shopping carts and building website security, because they do all that techie stuff for you. 

Utilize Technology to Improve Your Craft

No matter if you are a music writer or a 3D sculptor, technology can help you make huge inroads in improving your craft.  There is a myriad of creative software programs that can significantly enhance your artistic process.  A few examples are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Artweaver.

From inception, to conception, to manifestation – art software, drawing tablets, and cutting-edge computer tech can position you and your artwork in a more enviable position in the business world.  This, in turn, can make your offerings far more valuable and desirable.   

In conclusion, building an empire around your art isn’t easy.  However, using technology can make it a ton more efficient.  Advancements in software, apps, website integrations and computer systems can help you in your creative process. With the aid of technology, there is no end to the amount of success you can achieve with your artistic entrepreneurial endeavors.