Every month, over 500,000 new businesses sprout in the United States. An overwhelming amount of those businesses won’t last past a year. There are many reasons this could happen: perhaps they underestimated the competition, had poor customer service or couldn’t get their site ranked properly. Whatever the case, if you have the budget and want to invest wisely in your business, consider the following teams in these four very important categories: digital marketing, customer service, product design, and branding.

The teams chosen to represent these categories are just a starting point (always do your own research), and demonstrate the powerful potential of bringing a knowledgeable group of talented people on board. Running a one-man ship sounds noble in theory, but to run a business long-term, you’ll need help. Here are the teams we’ve chosen for the job:

Digital Marketing: Rocket55

Without digital marketing, your business is likely to fail. Even celebrities have to put in the work to market their movies, businesses, charities, and products. One statistical piece of evidence comes from Deloitte, who found that when businesses incorporate social media into the buyer journey, customers typically convert at a rate of 129% higher. They’re also four times more likely to spend larger amounts of money with a businesses that have established social components than those that don’t.

Digital marketing comprises several services, including web design, SEO, social media, PPC management, and content marketing. All of these services are available from the experts at Rocket55. The company is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that strives to bring innovation to digital marketing, funneled through an ultra-passionate team of experienced marketers. One look at the Rocket55 site says it all: with a transparent company culture to boast and a talented group of driven individuals, each client gets the full digital marketing experience. Previous clients include Häagen-Dazs, ReMax Results, Crown College, and Second Hand Hounds.

Customer Service & Personal Assistance – Brickwork

Hiring a personal assistant to take care of some of the time-consuming tasks can be very beneficial. For example, perhaps you run a public relations agency. It could take hours upon hours to research and record leads to contact for new business. Research, customer service, outreach, and data input are just some of the tasks you can achieve with a remote firm like Brickwork.

The India-based company Brickwork has received plenty of positive press –  especially after appearing in Thomas Friedman’s New York Times Bestseller, “The World Is Flat” and in several selections of Tim Ferriss’ best-selling book, “The Four-Hour Work Week.” Working with Brickwork provides dual benefits of offshore costs with remote help from well-versed overseas individuals. The company has supported clients in more than 116 countries and helped successfully deliver over 20,000 projects.

Product Design: Bresslergroup

If your business deals with products, chances are you’ll need a great product design firm. Product design is very important to the lifetime of a product. This isn’t to be confused with branding, which is a business’s story, although branding and product design go hand in hand. Product design, like website design, is about first impressions. Many consumers make quick decisions about businesses based on product design.

Bresslergroup is a team of creative thinkers and problem solvers that aim to create wonderful products for businesses around the world. Some of their clients include Bruvelo (app-connected coffee maker), Aqua (pool-cleaning products), Trice Medical (needles with optical devices).

Branding: Saffron

Roughly 73% of people agree that they’re more likely to be loyal to a brand with a strong personality. The same percentage of people agree that content helps them form an opinion of the brand. Branding is crucial to the longevity of a business in a similar way as product design. A brand is the foundation of a business, the story behind it, the language it uses, and its overall personality. Many entrepreneurs make the novice mistake of coming up with a business concept, and not building a brand around it. To truly stand out from competitors, there has to be a reason for potential customers to identify with it.

Saffron is a premier branding agency that helps businesses around the world define compelling brand strategies and innovate new brand-led products and services. Their tagline — “Disruptive Thinking For Ambitious Brands” — is all about challenging themselves and their clients to push beyond the boundaries and step outside of comfort zones. Clients include Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Fujitsu, Vueling, and Visit London.