You probably purchased a product that did not meet your expectations. Do you remember your disappointment? This situation can concern a small accessory or a more serious thing, for example, a car. In the first case, when the cost of the product is low, the feeling of harm will also not be significant. In turn, in the event of a major transaction, when we buy an information product doomed to failure in advance, disappointment cannot be avoided, as well as unnecessary spending. You can find more information here. You need first of all:

  • take into account market offers;
  • compare prices;
  • work out a plan and make an estimate;
  • do not be afraid to use creative solutions.

However, regardless of the scale of the project, one should not be allowed to offer a poor-quality product to a potential buyer. Doing so will definitely have a negative impact on your business. You will be burdened with costly fixes and negative reviews that can prevent potential customers from following you.

Consider the suggestions

Have you chosen a dropshipping sales model? This is a very popular solution that can bring significant benefits to you and your users if you take appropriate security measures. Remember that you, not your supplier, are responsible for the quality of the products you sell. Because a customer buys them through your website, which represents your brand. Therefore, if you have no guarantee that you are working with an honest wholesaler, do not put everything in one basket and look for a more reliable source.

The success of your business depends on:

  • The quality of the product your customer receives. If these are goods whose condition and method of execution differ significantly from those shown in the picture, in the most optimistic case this will lead to the recipient’s disappointment and unwillingness to make further purchases.
  • Likewise, in the case of packaging, the package received by the customer must be properly secured so that the products do not deteriorate during transport. Although you are not directly packaging the product, you must make sure it is done correctly. Any inaccuracies (torn packaging, open packaging) will negatively affect the opinion of your store.

Experienced agencies such as Elogic, which provide broad ecommerce packages to clients from many industries, boast expertise that can effectively help you avoid making the wrong decisions. So if you’re working with a software developer, don’t be afraid to ask about their experience and what they think of a particular solution.


We are talking about incorrect prices for services. You’ve probably come across a situation where, when working on a solution with an invoice, the costs differ from those proposed at the beginning. This usually happens due to the fact that:

  1. agencies initially misjudge labor costs
  2. there are additional steps that you did not expect when signing the contract.

After all, software developers have different methods to design the most delicate and delicate stage.

If you are a store owner, you need to make sure that when checking the prices of the items in the cart, the user can be sure that the price is the same as the price shown on the item page. If it is different, the buyer is likely to skip shopping and look for the same product on a competitor’s website, hoping to find a lower price. However, this is not the only motivation. The customer may think that because the site is a mess in prices, the site is unreliable and dangerous he will not want to pay through it. Effect? You are losing a customer due to inconsistency.

Summing up

You should be vigilant for this type of error and in the other direction where the seller may incur costs. Sometimes, as a result of mismanagement of prices, it turns out that discounts are added to the product, reducing its market value. In this case, you, as a seller, risk losses by selling the product at a price that is not profitable for you. How do I get out of this? In order to save face and not alienate the buyer, it is necessary to complete the transaction in its original form to sell the product at the originally set price. To prevent this from happening, make sure your suggestions are correct.