In order to make your business as successful as possible, you’ll need to go above and beyond for your customers. One way to do this is to implement a valet parking program. Across the country, the valet parking market is soaring in popularity and is currently worth over $4 billion. If you don’t start thinking about adding this feature, you might begin to lose business to other companies that are. Here’s a few more reasons why you should consider offering valet parking.

Spare Your Customers From a Long Walk

If you operate an event venue, parking can get a bit tight during evening events. Because of this, your customers might have to park far away, making them feel dissatisfied before they even walk through the door of your establishment. This might even deter people with disabilities who might not be able to handle such a walk. With valet parking, people will be able to pull right up to the front door and get immediate access to your venue. Studies show that the number one reason people use valet parking is convenience, so give them what they want.

Compensate for a Lack of Other Parking Options

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For businesses in the middle of a city, such as hospitals or restaurants, there simply might not be any place to park in the vicinity of your business. This will definitely make people think twice about choosing you over a business that’s slightly further away but more convenient to access. If you offer to park a person’s car for them, they will overlook this inconvenience. In fact, they might even think more favorably of your business than they did before.

Create a Luxury Experience

Valet parking has a certain sense of luxury about it. If you really want your business to seem more desirable to guests, valet parking is the first way to go about it. People will praise your elegant atmosphere and tell their friends just how wonderful it was to spend time at your business.

Help Customers Feel Safer

Unfortunately, parking garages and parking lots just aren’t that safe anymore. Cars parked in a public area are more susceptible to burglary or damage. Even worse, 10 percent of sexual assaults take place in a parking garage or public area. By offering valet parking, your customers will feel that their car is protected and their safety valued. If your customers know they don’t have to worry about trekking through a parking garage or dark streets at night, they may be willing to spend more time and potentially more money at your business.

As you can see, the benefits of valet parking are immense and invaluable. If you have a business and want to hire a valet parking service in Atlanta, your best bet is to look into a private service. This will be easier than hiring your own drivers, as you won’t have to perform any background checks, organize schedules, or manage any workers. A private service will take care of all of the details so you can focus on providing your customers with an experience they’ll never forget.