Extensive use of technological devices and the activities of the modern-day child go hand in hand. It’s hard to find a modern-day kid who is not using smartphones to carry out various activities, such as watching movies, messaging their friends, and playing video games. However, rapid development in technology has proven to be an unprecedented and recent challenge to parenthood. 

The issue of striking a balance between maintaining a proper level of parental supervision and allowing your kids to have a self-exploration is becoming difficult. As a parent, you need to know the world your children are living in is far much different from the one you lived some years ago. Therefore, there are many reasons why you need to protect your kids from:

1. Cyberbullying

Between the ever-expanding IoT (Internet of Things) and the rise of technological devices, cyberbullying has become a serious issue than it was a decade ago. Teenagers and young kids spend more time online, and about 92% of these children access social media platforms like Facebook. 

While it may be simple for parents to think about taking some drastic measures in an attempt to avoid the unthinkable, cutting your children off these online platforms may be challenging. Instead, it’s important to monitor your kid’s phone through software and some apps like:

  • Mobicip
  • My Mobile Watchdog
  • Net Nanny
  • SafetyWeb
  • NearParent

2. Theft

With an increasingly security-conscious world, parents should know some basics of how encryption, VPNs, strong password parameters, and phishing works. If you want to prevent your kids from going online unsupervised, putting lock screens should be your first line of defense. You can use a touch ID or a passcode. Some of these features are readily available in every operating system of both mobile phones and desktops. 

However, when allowing your kids to explore the internet, you may need to prevent them from encountering inappropriate content. There are some ways you can filter content from the web; some of these are:

  • Changing VPN settings
  • Using the internet and DNS proxy services
  • Setting up DSL routers

3. Sexting

There are several reasons why teenagers sext. Some may be trying to fulfill their sexual desires, while others might want to impress their crush. However, installing a spyware app, which is also the  best phone tracker app to catch a cheating spouse, can help you monitor the outgoing and incoming text messages on your kid’s phone. 

4. Malware

Although technology gives kids instant access to the information they want, some details might be risky. Given that the internet has a magnet for positive practices, your kid’s computer is prey to malware threats. From downloading video games to programs, the computer may get infected with malicious software. 

For you to block malware, you should avoid broadcasting an open Wi-Fi connection. Instead, you can use WPA2 or WPA encryption, but if you want to completely block malware, you can also consider:

  • Installing anti-virus software
  • Updating your operating system
  • Using a malware scanner

The Bottom Line!

Parents have the right to monitor their kid’s activities. They can achieve this by introducing a few rules and controls when kids are using devices. If the devices are new, parents can change the parental control settings and screen out internet access. This way, parents will be able to protect their kids against things like cyberbullying and malware.