These days, most modern smartphone models support Qi-based wireless charging. In fact, it is a common feature among nearly all current flagship models and some upcoming smartphone models are expected to do away with the charging port completely in favor of completely wireless changing instead. The primary benefit of wireless charging is the convenience – all you need to do is set your phone down to charge, instead of finding the cable and plugging it in. But wireless charging also has a range of other benefits that you might not have thought about. 

More Security

Security is often one of the most overlooked benefits of using wireless charging. While wired charging has always been the traditional option to consider, it does come with some cybersecurity risks. Wired charging has data transmission capabilities, which could threaten your security when you are charging away from home. On the other hand, there are no security implications of wireless charging, since it does not support data transmission. 

Fewer Cables to Replace

If you use a smartphone or another smart device for a while then the cables might eventually wear out and start to fray, meaning that you need to replace it if you want to keep your device charged. However, wireless charging does not really have this problem. You won’t need to keep plugging a cable into your device; all you need to do is make sure that your wireless charging pad is plugged in or charged up.

Charge on the Go

Wireless charging has made it even easier to charge your devices on the go. When you buy 20000mAh wireless charging power bank, you don’t need to worry about carrying all your cables with you which can be beneficial if there is more than one person traveling and you all have Qi-enabled wireless charging smartphones from different brands. Instead of remembering to take a lighting cable for the iPhones and a Usb-C cable for the other phones, you can simply set the device down on the wireless charging power bank and take one cable to keep that charged up. 

Reduce Clutter

Having lots of cables can be a sure way to make any space messier and more cluttered. This is especially true if you use multiple devices and have different cables for all of them. Depending on the devices that you use, having a wireless charging pad or a wireless charging stand can make for a much tidier solution. Some charging pads will also be able to charge multiple different devices at once, which can be ideal if you have different smart devices such as a smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch and want to charge them all together without having to use a separate cable for each one. 

Wireless charging is a fairly new technology that is making our lives easier when it comes to charging our smartphones and other smart devices. It is compatible with the majority of modern Apple and Android devices and offers plenty of benefits including more security, less clutter, and ease of use.