Running your own business can be equally rewarding and stressful. From coming up with a brand name to making your first sale, everything about your business is down to you. So, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of running a business and getting it right as much as you can. In this post, we’ll take a look at 4 must-haves for every modern business to give you a little head start.

1. Website Builder and Hosting

First things first, your modern business needs a website to attract customers, promote your products, and enable online sales and inquiries. With 22.3% of all retail sales being online in 2020, you could be missing out on huge selling potential by not having an online presence for your business. Whether your website is designed to handle purchases or is simply a display catalog for your products or services, it’s important to have somewhere for your customers to visit other than your store.

And nowadays, it couldn’t be easier to get your company website up and running. The initial cost can be kept to a minimum with a free website builder and hosting, leaving you with just the sales and advertising to worry about.

2. Social Media Presence

Similarly, without a social media presence, your company could be missing out on free advertising with a limitless reach. The vast majority of people have at least one social media platform in today’s society, often connecting with people and brands that best align with their views and priorities.

Social media can be used highly successfully to reach those people that are likely to be interested in your brand, generate positive reviews of your product or service, and provide great customer service and feedback.

3. Paperless Solutions

For many consumers out there, reduced waste and eco-friendly policies are becoming more and more important when looking for a brand to buy in to. And one easy way you can decrease your impact on the environment is by moving your business to paperless solutions. Rather than printing receipts, they can be sent online. Instead of sending advertising pamphlets, use email marketing strategies. And stop storing all your documents physically and opt for an online digital asset management system instead.

In recent years, the UK Government has adopted the regulations so all businesses must do their taxes digitally rather than submitting paper forms. So as well as boosting your brand image, it is now a legal requirement to move to paperless for a number of business functions.

4. Modern Technology

With so much competition out there and the wide target audience available, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and to give your customers options when it comes to making a purchase. One of the biggest technological ‘must-haves’ at the moment is an app for your business. Not only will your products be readily available at your customers’ fingertips, but you can also send push notifications to keep your customers up to date with the latest releases and offers.