When you first start off as an entrepreneur you will very quickly be disabused of the notion that anything about it is going to be easy. Every single day will present a new set of challenges that you need to overcome, problems that must be dealt with, and unexpected developments that have to be handled.

Amidst all of that, you will need to build a successful business – which as you can guess, is easier said than done. To that end, these four tips should help to ensure you’re able to focus on what’s important and get off to a strong start:

Make sure your cash flow starts early

Many entrepreneurs nowadays make the mistake of thinking about building the product first and then monetizing later. Although that approach can work, more often than not it tends to leave your business under a mountain of debt. If you were personally financing your business it could affect your own debt and force you to focus on debt management as opposed to growing your business.

Don’t splurge – reinvest

If you start to see some early success, it may be tempting to splurge on swanky new offices, better equipment, flashy cars, or other luxuries. As much as you may feel that you can afford it – try to avoid splurging on anything unnecessary. Instead, if you have excess cash, reinvest it in the business in areas that can help it to grow, so that you can build it up further.

Learn to overestimate expenses and underestimate revenue

Odds are your very first financial estimates that you come up with for your business will be drastically wrong. However, if you have overestimated your expenses and underestimated your revenue and your estimates turn out wrong then it is likely to be not so bad, or maybe even good. On the other hand if you underestimated expenses and overestimated revenue, you could be in a pretty tricky situation.

Experiment, but measure your success when you do

Being an entrepreneur is all about embracing risk, experimenting and trying new things. However it is important that every time you experiment you measure your success using quantifiable yardsticks. By doing so you will be able to evaluate how well you did, and figure out how to do better based on actual data.

If you implement these four tips you should be able to ensure that your new enterprise starts off on the right footing. Over time you’ll face more and more challenges however, but if you keep these tips in mind and maintain your cash flow, reinvest in your business, keep your expenses low and take calculated risks – you should be in a good position.

Make no mistake, being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and there is significant risk involved. However the rewards that come with successfully building an enterprise and growing your business will make it worthwhile – all you need to do is be willing to do what it takes to succeed.