With digital marketing gaining prominence over the past few decades, SEO marketing has become an important strategy to attract customers and drive sales.  Companies that optimize their websites for SEO can generate more traffic, get more leads, and increase their chances of selling more. Without applying SEO in digital marketing, businesses often struggle to attract prospects to their sites because people aren’t able to find their website fast when they search on the internet. 

This has a direct impact on the amount of return on investment (ROI) that a company can generate. The reality is, the more visitors a company can attract to its digital pages, the higher the number of leads it generates, and the more sales it can close. The opposite is also true. If there’s only a few visitors, it won’t generate enough leads to boost sales. 

But online traffic isn’t the only factor that has a direct impact on SEO marketing ROI. Here are several other contributing factors:

  • Your Website’s Mobile Responsiveness 

Across the world, more people are finding it more convenient to browse the internet via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This is because mobile devices are highly portable–which enable users to access the internet anytime, anywhere. For marketers who want to boost their ROI through SEO marketing, making company websites mobile-responsive is a must. 

Mobile-friendliness is about making a website appear and perform well on mobile devices with user experience in mind. To achieve this, companies should use responsive designs when developing their websites. Such designs enable web content to smoothly adjust on any device, no matter the screen size.  Since online searches are conducted more on mobile devices than desktops, mobile responsiveness is one of the key factors when it comes to SEO marketing ROI.  

Companies that make their websites mobile responsive are likely to get higher ROI from their SEO marketing strategies compared to those that don’t. 

  • The Quality Of Your Digital Content 

Content is an integral part of SEO marketing. As such, the quality of content that you publish online will determine how successful your SEO marketing efforts will be, and whether you’ll have a positive ROI or not. To give your visitors a positive experience and increase their engagement, focus on publishing in-depth, high-quality, well-researched content on your company website. Since one of the biggest factors that search engines consider in search ranking is the quality of content, your website will have better chances at ranking higher on the search result pages when you publish high-quality content consistently. 

In addition to publishing high-quality content, ensure that you consistently publish fresh content too. Search crawlers also favor new and updated content. This means that your site will become more visible on search results, which can drive more traffic to your website and boost your ROI. If you need help to boost your SEO marketing efforts, consider hiring an SEO company that can help improve your SEO strategies for your website.

  • The Level Of User Engagement On Your Platforms


How well people engage with your digital content determines whether they buy from you or not. This is because to determine which sites or pages to promote on search rankings, search engines rely on keywords or phrases that people use in their online search activities. Keywords are the backbone of SEO marketing. Businesses that use SEO marketing often research the keywords and phrases that users run on search engines then they optimize their digital content with those keywords or phrases. 

When done correctly, keyword or phrase research can go a long way in boosting user engagement and consequently increase your SEO marketing’s ROI. This is because search engines often check how users are interacting with search results in order to identify pages that are more useful to people who are searching online using particular keywords. One of the factors that search engines rely on when it comes to user engagement is how often users click on the search results that search engines show them. 

The duration of time that users spend on the pages that they click on the search results page, and the percentage of users who leave the page quickly after viewing a single page are also factors that determine user engagement. 

To enhance your site’s search engine rankings, ensure that you publish content on high-quality websites, make your website easy to use, and make it easier for users to navigate your website by adding internal links. Also, optimize your digital content for search snippets and create attractive descriptions and titles. By improving user engagement, you attract more prospects to your website, which is key to increasing your SEO marketing’s ROI. 

  • Your Online Pages’ Loading Speed

How fast your digital pages load has a bearing on how well your SEO marketing efforts generate positive ROIs. Digital pages that load fast enhance user experience because users don’t have to wait for minutes to access the content that they’re looking for. The opposite of this is true–slow-loading sites give users negative experiences, which will undermine your SEO marketing efforts. 

The reality is most people either don’t have time to wait or don’t like waiting. They want to get answers to the questions they have fast. This means they’ll prefer sites that load faster.  Search engines know this. As such, they rank fast-loading sites higher on search results. This alone can increase organic traffic to a website, which ultimately boosts the ROI for your SEO marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts 

SEO marketing has gained traction over the years as businesses across the globe struggle to set themselves apart in a highly competitive digital environment. Since this form of marketing requires businesses to combine different strategies when rolling out SEO marketing campaigns, it’s important that there’s a clear understanding of the different factors that’ll affect fast and high ROI. Having this awareness will enable marketers to make sound decisions, especially in terms of the marketing strategies that they need to prioritize and use more for an efficient SEO marketing process.