The internet has made our lives infinitely easier. You don’t need to go to the library – you could go to Amazon, buy an ebook and start reading the book on your Kindle in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to go to the shop – you could order all that you need on the internet. Unfortunately, if you don’t use a proxy server, VPN or Tor, all your online activity is tracked. Not everyone is okay with that, which is why in recent years, proxy servers and VPNs became much more popular among internet users. What are the other reasons why you should be using a proxy server? Let’s find out! 

What Is A Proxy Server?

If you use a proxy server, your every interaction with a website is first sent to a proxy server through which this data is sent to a website. According to the experts at Security Gladiators, it means that the website isn’t able to identify your identity – all it has is the IP of the proxy server. Conversely, the response sent to you from the website also has to pass through the proxy server first. 

Unfortunately, apart from making you anonymous, proxy servers don’t provide you with the security that both VPNs and Tor offer. Before you decide to use a particular proxy server, it’s best to check whether the data sent through the proxy server is encrypted, though if security is your main priority, it’s better to use VPNs or Tor. It is essential if you intend to use public Wi-Fi with a proxy server that does not encrypt your data.

If you are connected to a public Wi-Fi, and you browse the internet, the hackers might access your entire browsing history. It doesn’t mean that you have to visit the website of your bank to divulge your most private information. It is enough if you have this data stored in your history. Sure, it doesn’t mean that every public network is infected, but you can’t be 100% sure. That’s why you should connect to the public Wi-Fi only if you have a VPN or Tor on your device.

Okay, so why are so many people using proxy servers?


In the case of companies like Hulu or Netflix, depending on where you live, you might get different services. It might be impossible for you to stream movies unavailable in your country, which is why many people try different methods to circumvent those restrictions. Using a proxy server allows people to access otherwise unavailable content.

Freedom Of speech

In many countries, voicing your opinion on the internet could result in you getting arrested. On top of that, certain websites might be blocked, because according to those governments, they are spreading lies. By changing their IP address, the inhabitants of such countries can avoid being sentenced to prison. It doesn’t apply to the countries ruled by regimes only – if you want to do something on the internet that could get in you in trouble, always mask your IP address.

Improved Productivity & Safety

Though it might not be apparent right from the start, many companies also used proxy servers. This way, they can make it impossible for its employees to access sites that are frequently visited and aren’t work-related. On the other hand, a company can also monitor the online activity of all users.

No Tailored Ads

Our entire online history is tracked by Internet Service Providers. As a consequence, you will see ads that are specifically tailored to match your preferences. If you want to avoid that, then you should make your device anonymous. It could be done with the help of a proxy server, Tor, or a VPN.

Your Anonymity Matters!

In today’s world, the internet allows us to do things quicker, but it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a price that we are paying. Our online activity is used by third parties to convince us that we need to spend more money. If you use a proxy server, you’ll be able to browse the internet anonymously and make the secrets of your company safer. Just remember that if you want to be sure that your data is safe, you should be using an encrypted proxy server.