Lighting is one of the most important concepts in interior design. When people look at interesting designs online, they often tend to pay attention to the colors being used, the style, or the furniture. But, in reality, lighting is often what makes or breaks a design. Not only that, but poor lighting can make your home dangerous and less functional. Thankfully, there are things virtually anyone can do to instantly improve their lighting and how the house looks. Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to improve lighting around the house.

Go for Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can do a lot more than make your kitchen or living room look cool. It’s much more efficient as well. Since recessed lights are peppered throughout your ceiling, they provide much more uniform lighting. This makes them a great choice for people who want to build a vibrant home office or game room, for instance.

You first need to know how to choose recessed lighting, however. Some homeowners may want to use it to create ambient lighting, while others may want it to illuminate specific items or areas around the house. You will need to look at your lighting needs and see where and how these could work the best.

You have to be very careful with how you place your recessed lights too. This is especially important if you want to install them in a bedroom. Many bedrooms will have a fan at the center of the ceiling, and so some people will have the recessed lights installed in the four corners. However, all this does is illuminate areas that don’t use. Instead, you should try to use them to illuminate areas that need it the most, like a desk or seating area. You can then use things like pendant lights on the side of your bed for functionality.

Get Smart Lights

Another thing you should consider is investing in smart light bulbs. These will allow you to change the color at will or turn them on and off with voice or sound commands. They will last much longer and save you lots of money on energy as well. Features like dimming also come as standard with these, so they are perfect if you’re looking for ambiance lighting.

Add Motion Sensors

Motion sensors could also be a great addition to your house. They will allow you to save money by only illuminating rooms and areas when needed. You can set the sensitivity and delay based on what is best for you. This could be very useful for rooms where lights are often left on by accident, like powder rooms or closets, for instance.

Don’t Focus on Ceilings Only

Too many people limit lighting to the ceilings only, but walls are perfect for lighting as well. If you decide to use wall lighting, try to put it at an angle so it can illuminate the floor. Counter lighting would also be great for a kitchen and make it more practical.

These are all relatively simple things that you can do to enhance the lighting in your house. Most of them are rather affordable too, so don’t be afraid to give them a try.