The chances are that the call center business you’re running has exceptional training programs, the right tools like dialer software, and representatives who display high standards in their work. Even so, they’re still human beings and thus are susceptible to committing mistakes. To err might be human, but any error or mishap can potentially impact your company’s bottom line and reputation. So you need to pay attention to the common call center mistakes to drive down their frequency on your team. 

  • Putting the callers on hold long

There aren’t many things more frustrating for customers than being kept on hold too long. Most usually hang up when the hold goes over a minute and won’t call back. Unfortunately, this can be an issue when the resolution of the first call is one of the critical metrics that determine your success. Therefore, your representatives must be trained to ensure that hold times are kept at a minimum. If they have to do their research or perform any other action, they need to keep the customers updated at all times. It may sound like a minor detail, but it can surprisingly help you deliver a better experience.

  • A lack of ownership of the calls

Customers won’t appreciate being passed on from one representative to another. After all, it’ll force them to repeat themselves and go through the entire process again. As a result, the time it takes to address the issue doubles. To avoid this, ensure that your agents take ownership of the calls. If a single call isn’t enough to resolve the problem, have them call up the customer again. In this way, they won’t have to call the company back for additional support. They’ll also appreciate the gesture more. 

  • Showing little emotional intelligence

Customers who don’t feel that the representatives understand their plight typically become frustrated. In fact, some might end the call without even giving the agent a shot at addressing their concerns. To overcome this obstacle, representatives must show more emotional intelligence, educate, and listen to the callers. In doing so, the clients will feel that the people they’re talking to know what they’re going through and are more likely to stay on the line while their issues are resolved instead of just leaving them flat out.

  • Missing elements of proper interaction 

Callers always deserve to hear a professional tone, proper rapport building and be carefully listened to during the call. In other words, the interaction needs to have practical questions, professional language, and a good closing. If a representative fails to provide any of these, the customers will be unsure whether or not their issues were resolved, leading them to call back again. So make sure that no element of the interaction is lost.


Mistakes don’t just happen — they’re also caused. Thus, you must try to keep errors at a minimum, especially when customer service is involved. Following these tips will help your agents perform well and hit all of their metrics with ease.