Marketing your brand is key to success.  There’re so many ways to market today, but really the best way longterm  is to market and grow your brand name, and your brand logo. Get it out in front of people.  So let’s talk about nine advantages to brand marketing.  

When you’re marketing your brand,  people are reaching out to you because they recognize and trust,  and understand who you are. What happens there is you have a higher conversion rate.  Whether that is converting a lead into a customer, or a customer into a repeat customer.  And you also have a higher average price point, because you’re not battling people price shopping.  When you’re marketing your business in other ways, let’s say buying leads or spending money doing keyword advertising on Google,  you’re not really marketing your brand. So what’s happening is people don’t really know you and trust you when they’re talking to you,  so you have to spend longer in the sales cycle, and the conversion rate is more difficult. But also they’re price shopping. Generally they’re not only looking at you  but they’re looking at some other similar businesses, and they’re really trying to get you knocked down on price. When they reach out to you because of brand marketing,  they’re generally not price shopping, they’re usually just talking to you and they already have a sense of trust. That’s why they reached out to you. So that’s tip number one.  

Advantage #1: You Get More Referrals And Word-Of-Mouth Business

When you’re marketing your business in other ways  and not so much marketing your brand, people aren’t as likely to spread the word  about your business, because they don’t really know you that well. When you build your brand people spread the word, right?  They tell other people about you, and so that gives you more referral business and more word-of-mouth business. The bigger you grow your brand in your local area  or your target demographic, you’ll find that you’ll get more people reaching out to you because they heard about you from somebody else, right? And so that’s going to help grow your business  and give you a stronger return on investment.  

Advantage #2: You’re Positioning Yourself Really Well For Voice Search

Voice search is continually increasing.  Here, my son, he’s only nine years old, all’s he does is voice search.  It’s crazy to me, like he knows how to do voice search on every device that there is.  He’s constantly asking the device things (ie high ticket dropshipping).  He doesn’t type anything in.  This is the wave of the future, right?  More and more people are going to be doing voice search.  Now here’s the deal. If you’re not marketing your brand they’re not going to be asking the device  for your information to call you, right? For directions to your business. They’re going to be instead saying things like,  give me a local plumber, right? That’s not as good as them saying call Allen’s Plumbing, right? Call ABC Plumbing. What you want them to do is know your brand  so when they need a chiropractor or a plumber, or whatever it is that you provide as a business, instead of asking the device for that particular product or service, they ask that device for you.  And that’s brand marketing. But to get there, you’re going to need to invest in your brand so that the target market that you’re marketing to knows who you are so when they need the products and services  that you sell, they ask for your brand name on their device.  

Advantage #3: See A Lift In Your Social Following

People are going to know who you are so they’re going to look for you socially,  and they’re going to follow you. They’re going to look at your content, they’re going to engage with your content.  Social media is huge today (which is why shopify general store is a good idea).  This is where people are spending all their time.  And so you’re going to want to build your brand name  so that you also build your following on social media,  which extends the reach of your brand to your target market, making more people aware  of who you are.  

Advantage #4: Builds The Value Of Your Business

Just think about it.  If you’re not really marketing your brand,  if you’re just buying leads, or you’re just spending  money on Google for keywords, but you’re not really marketing your brand, then the valuation  of your business five years from now isn’t going to really be all that strong. But if you’re really marketing your brand  so that your brand becomes recognized, right, and your target market, that’s going to create a lot of value, right? And that’s going to increase the valuation of your business.  So if you ever want to sell your business or anything like that, you’re going to want to have a strong brand, and to have a strong brand you need brand marketing.