Call Of Duty launched its first version in the year 2003 with the tagline – ‘There’s a soldier in all of us’. But only recently did this game shoot to fame and ended up becoming one of the top-rated games of all time. The credit goes to its many improved versions and a plot that never fails to intrigue the gamers.

In fact, if you take a look back, you will realize how COD gradually changed the face of shooting games. Especially the recent two versions – Modern Warfare and Warzone – happen to be amongst the most popular releases, for all the right reasons. Everything – from the plot to the graphics and even the loadouts in these two versions is top-notch.

In fact, the Warzone version aloof has as many as 35 primary weapons to choose from! But then again, this dense variety of loadouts often makes it impossible for even the pros to choose the best one. So, here’s a list of 4 all-time amazing loadouts for COD. Check it out:

A. Best Assault Rifle

On the top of our list are assault rifles because come on, everyone knows that the whole weapon and arms debate in shooting games like Call Of Duty is unfinished without acknowledging this series of rifles.

This variety falls in the list of the most primary weapons, be it for noobs or pros. And trust us, without unraveling the best assault rifles, winning a thrilling game in COD is a distant dream. So, here are our top two picks for assault rifles in COD –

  1.   For long-range: CR-56 AMAX – Without a doubt, the best part about this celebrated assault rifle is its TKK aka Time-To-Kill, which is an absolute stunner! Being an automatic assault rifle, it won’t be an overstatement to say that it has one of the best times to kill. Besides, the fantastic range and high damage capabilities make it one hell of a weapon. But the setback here? It’s definitely not amongst the easiest weapons to use – thanks to its fair recoil.
  2.   For close range: FFAR 1 – This is by far one of the most quintessentially versatile rifles in the entire Warzone series. And why not? The damage capacity of a single clip of this weapon is nothing less than lethal! Apart from this, for close-range targets, this rifle is the best choice. The nonstop high fire rate and the amazingly beautiful range make it one of the best assault rifles for COD and you’ll only realize why once you use it!

B. Best Sniper Rifle

Snipers are an evergreen choice when it comes to weapons and ammunition in intense shooting games like COD. All the gamers know, it is necessary to keep a range of versatile loadouts with you in handy because you never know what the situation may call for.

And yeah, you got it right – your ‘best loadout’ hunt is incomplete without having at least two glorious snipers to have your back. So, here are our top two picks for snipers, pay attention:

  1.   For Velocity: LW3-Tundra – The whole sniper conversation will never come to a halt if we miss mentioning this one powerful sniper rifle available in COD: Warfare. This is one of the most loved sniper weapons of professional gamers, here’s why; The LW3-Tundra is best-known for the lightning-fast velocity of its bullets, which continues to be faster than any other loadouts out there. Besides the speed, the damage capacity of this sniper is amazing too. However, the drawback with this weapon is that it has a slower ADS time than certain other similar weapons.
  2.   For ADS: HDR – Warzone hacks 101! If you were looking for another set of snipers apart from the LW3-Tundra, here we bring you the glorious HDR! The best part? Most of the features that LW3-Tundra lacks can be found here in HDR sniper rifles. Apart from this, the HDR sniper has tremendous bullet velocity, damage capacity, and enhanced shot serving. Needless to elaborate further why it is a king!

Over to you…

Winning a game in COD is a tough thing, but with the best loadouts in hand, it can be made possible. Here, we listed the 4 best loadouts for COD. Read this guide and get the best loadouts for your next game right now.