In any business, there are two kinds of tasks that the employees need to undertake – those which are core business tasks and those which are ancillary to the core business. Of course, there are certain functional areas like finance, human resources and the like in any business but those are functions and not tasks.

Out of the two main categories of tasks in a business, it must be ascertained if outsourcing the ancillary tasks can help in freeing up enough resources for the core tasks. There are a lot of views over outsourcing. However, the disagreement with outsourcing is mostly over the extent to which it can be done and not whether it should be done at all.

When it comes to mobile game development, outsourcing has worked in many countries. Outsourcing mobile game development has also been a strategy of many big players in the gaming arena. Let us look at some of the advantages of outsourcing mobile game development. 

  • It is Cost Effective

The biggest advantage that stems from outsourcing mobile game development is the financial savings and reduction in costs associated with such development. Let us look at it from a practical perspective. If a company is engaged in mobile game design as well as development, it will have design and creative expenses in the initial stage.

Later on, it will need to engage the developers to convert the concept into reality. In essence, these developers will be employed all year round, often working on multiple projects at the same time. This increases the time spent on development which can be saved if the same is outsourced as the assigned agency will focus on only that particular assignment.

  • Use of High End Technology

Mobile game development is not an easy and simple task like building a simple website. While decentralization in the world wide web has certainly made mobile game development more democratized, the fact is that it still remains a task where high end technology and software is required if you want to achieve above average quality results.

A gaming startup or a game design company alone will not be able to afford such expensive resources. Even if there is funding from various investors, it does not make economic sense to purchase such software for development of mobile games when your core task is not development. It is here that it makes sense to outsource mobile game development.

  • Pooling of Global Resources

Well, if you thought that the world of outsourcing was only restricted to customer service agents, you are mistaken. Globally, there are experienced developers who are willing to provide their services at a much reasonable rate. The best part about outsourcing mobile game development is that one can avail constant services.

Since there is a pooling of global resources, one can enlist some or the other agency or developer group to get the task done in a fair manner. At the end of the day, the business can focus on the core tasks and leave the specialised task of development to the experts.

  • Streamlining of Management

One of the reasons why outsourcing mobile app development is a good idea is that with the task of development completely outsourced, there is no need for the company to focus on identifying and hiring game developers, briefing them, monitoring their work, providing constant feedback and taking them across the aisle. 

Not to forget, that you would be incurring costs to employ them and house and manage them too. All these costs and tasks would be out of the question with outsourcing mobile game development. There is thus a streamlining of management as the decision makers can focus on the core tasks and not worry about development.

More often than not, companies think of mobile game development just like a function of business (such as Finance, Legal, etc). While there are similarities between the two, the reality is that it is much more difficult to outsource your finance or legal department than your game development. 

In fact, outsourcing mobile game development is no more a rarity. Big companies of the world, be it in the gaming sector or otherwise, are outsourcing their mobile development needs. The outsourcing market is expected to only expand in size in the future. This is also because with outsourcing you get the benefits of multiple aspects of development services in one place. For instance, you might hire a developer but you will also need a tester. Outsourcing solves this problem.