Plugins like WooCommerce have enabled WordPress to become one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce based websites. Based on 2017 numbers of US eCommerce industry, 18% of the eCommerce platform market share belongs to WooCommerce owing to its ease of use and that fact that it is a free plugin on WordPress (Source).

When it comes to eCommerce, any expert or consultant would tell you that user experience is crucial for your online store’s success.  How do you as a WordPress based eCommerce store owner improve it? This post will try and address this with 4 really good plugins that can help enhance your WordPress online store. Also, if you are new to using WordPress plugins, be sure to check out this post.

1. Speed – WP Super Minify

According to a study by just a second of delay in page loading time can potentially cause a loss of 7% in conversions (Source). Improving your site’s speed majorly depends on 2 things; 1) Effectiveness of your website’s hosting and 2) Adoptaction of coding best-practices for better PageSpeed.

When it comes to hosting your WordPress based online store, it is highly recommended that you opt for WordPress Hosting plans. This is because WordPress Hosting is configured in such a way that it optimizes the performance, speed and security of WordPress websites.

When we talk about improving your site’s elements for speed, this includes having lighter images and media files, compression of scripts and CSS files and optimizing the HTML code. If you take the manual route, it may take months to get these tasks done, especially for an eCommerce website given its volume of pages. This is exactly where the WP Super Minify plugin shines bright and helps you effectively compress and minimize images, JavaScripts, CSS files and HTML Code. Download here.

2. Ease of Payments – CM Micropayments

When we talk about payments on online stores, it is not only about how secure and trustworthy the site looks and feels, but it also extends to the ease and effectiveness of payments. Aspects such as reward and loyalty points, digital currencies, gift cards and e-wallets make it easy and fun to transact online. These aspects also lead to customer loyalty and return customers. One great WordPress plugin here is the MicroPayments WordPress plugin. It gives you the flexibility to create any virtual currency, rewards, or loyalty program you can imagine on your WordPress website. It also lets you incentivize engagement by letting users earn, trade, and spend points and make online payments based on real or virtual currency. Download here.

3. Product Representation – Soliloquy

If it looks good, it will sell! Many a times if you ensure that your product catalogs and product pages showcase the product images effectively, people tend to buy more frequently. If you’re looking to add an image slider on your WordPress eCommerce, then you need to use Soliloquy. It comes with tons of features such as slider themes, dynamic sliders, video sliders, and various style of animations, importing abilities from Flickr, Instagram, and much more. Soliloquy image sliders are fully responsive, fast to load and work great on all devices. Download here.

4. Post-Sales and Returns – Returnado

Being remembered for shopping experience is one thing, but being remembered to support customers when something goes wrong will go a very long way in your favor. Customers absolutely hate it when they are not happy with their purchase but are stuck with it and cannot return it back. It closes the doors to the possibility of them coming back to you for more business. This is where Returnado comes really handy.

Returnado is your complete returns handling system that gives your WordPress store a strong and effective returns system, which is completely automated. It provides your customers with an intuitive interface to return, request exchange, create a complaint or get help with their return. The platform is optimized to create re-conversion, meaning enabling the customer to use their return value to buy new items in your store, or request a store-credit instead of a refund. Download here.

There you have it, some of the WordPress tools we loved that could enhance our eCommerce platform to go the extra mile for the customers. Making them happy is the key to a successful online store. Do try these plugins out and if there are other noteworthy WordPress plugins that can enhance your eCommerce store, please be sure to mention them in the comments section below!