What is a Mind Map?

When you have a central idea and wish to develop ways to implement the same, mind mapping is a technique to use. You can use hand-drawn mind maps where you place the central idea in the center of the page and then connect it to ideas on either side for solving, implementing, or adding to it. 

It is a versatile technique that people can employ in different ways and will help users capture ideas in a structured manner and analyze them. It also aids visual thinking, and one can recall information more easily. This article will share some mind map examples to show how people use mind maps in different industries.  

Benefits to Using Mind Maps in Daily Life, Study, and Work

Whether you wish to solve a problem or work on a certain topic in real life, at work, or in the course of your study, mind maps can come into use. Benefits that you get from mind maps are several:

  • It is easy to create a map structure for your ideas for easy visualization. 
  • You can brainstorm and organize your thoughts on mind maps.
  • You can easily create an eye-catching presentation using mind maps that you can present to your classmates or team members.
  • Alternatively, you can use it to work out an idea or solve a problem by visualizing the different approaches or solutions that address the same.

Free Mind Map Templates for Edit and Download

EdrawMind is full-featured brainstorming and mind mapping software and has more than 3600 free mind map templates sharing by users from all over the world. Here we discuss some mind map examples that are ideal for education and marketing projects, business.

First, we showcase certain mind maps templates that can use in different contexts in businesses.   

  • Network Layer Mind Map Example

Network mind maps are useful when creating a visual layout of your business or office network. As can be seen from the snapshot below, along with the free map template, you get several options from a comprehensive clip art gallery to change images as you like.

  • Online Learning Leadership Mind Map Template

You can use mind maps to take notes of knowledge. Here too, you find an array of format change options. For instance, you could choose from a wide variety of shapes for the different boxes. Also, you can do the same for the connecting lines.

  • Market Analysis Mind Map Example

For instance, here, we see a project management plan showcased in this chart format.

  • Engineering Mind Map Example

For engineering departments and projects, this kind of circuit-based diagrammatic representation is a common requirement. You can use EdrawMind, the mind mapping software, to analyze the requirements. 

  • Company Structure Mind Map

Here we have an instance of an origination chart diagram. With a readymade template in EdrawMind, you will be able to add on the different hierarchies and positions in a matter of seconds. It is also easy to incorporate images of other people and change font styles, colors, and background details.

  • Business Productivity Fishbone Mind Map

Fishbone diagrams are very useful when cause and effect analyses are done. Different types of fishbone chart templates usually come with mind map software such as EdrawMind. With a readymade fishbone structure, all you need to do is put it in words and remove or add points where necessary.

  • Communication Mind Map Example

This example is another instance of using different templates for showcasing workflow as found in communication and PR. Communicate to inspire uses charts and information gathered from dozens of successful training programs to determine how to turn a department.    

  • Consumer Behavior and Buyer Decision Process Mind Map

Here we find another instance of a flowchart diagram that showcases how consumer behavior influences buying decisions in a certain business segment. Process map requirements are many in businesses that are effective as work instructions or for in-house training purposes. 

Now, we look at how the mind map templates can aid in educational projects, either for students to use in presentations or for teachers to help explain an idea or concept.

  • Earth to Sustain Life Mind Map for Education

How earth sustains life could be the topic to be discussed in light of thrashing out different elements of the earth and their sub-components. A mind map is the most effective template that one can take up in this regard.

  • Engineering Fishbone Mind Map

Here we see another instance of a fishbone diagram. Indeed, you can browse through different styles of each chart form from EdrawMind and choose one whose design or style suits the purpose of your presentation.

  • One Day Timeline Mind Map

Charts are effective teaching aids, and here is one instance of a timeline template being used. These readymade templates make the work simpler and help teachers or students smoothly put in their data.

  • UML Modeling Application Mind Map

UML chart form is another effective tool to showcase workflow in different processes. You can also make it in EdrawMind. Teachers and students will find the inbuilt framework easy to use, and it helps to make complicated workflow processes easy to build up.

  • Atomic Structure Radial Map

If you are a teacher in science, you will surely require the right software for drawing up different alignments. This radial map is one example of a radial map that you can draw easily using EdrawMind. 

  • Design Engineering Mind Map

Engineering has a lot of diagrammatic representations, both in coursework as well as in projects. This mind map is one example of the different engineering chart forms you can use with mind mapping software like EdrawMind.

  • Design Flowchart Mind Map

You can use a mind map to analyze the design process as well.

About EdrawMind

EdrawMind is a comprehensive mind mapping software developed by Wondershare Edraw. It has beneficial features such as multiple platform support for Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, iOS, and Android. All the mind map templates listed above are from EdrawMind Mind Map Examples Gallery. Also, users can collaborate with others in real-time to organize and edit mind maps through browsers online. The best feature is the presence of a large collection of templates, themes that allow you to style, color, and structure your charts and with one click, you can turn mind maps into slides and have presentations directly. Free download EdrawMind or try it online to start your productivity trip.