Eight weeks ago, nobody thought that most of the globe would be in some kind of lockdown or that 66 million Americans would have filed for unemployment in two months, but sadly this is the reality we’re now living in.

Perhaps one of the worst parts for the companies that are managing to pivot to new ways of working is how little time managers had to prepare their staff (and themselves) for the big changes ahead. As business owners, we prefer to take reasonable, measured steps when it comes to drastically changing the way we do things, but time was not on our side, and now we’re left mopping up and trying to adjust while in the middle of the crisis.

Those Who Adapt, Win

The idiom ‘thrown in at the deep end’ seems apropos. We were thrust into this situation without the proper planning or time to adjust. That said, we can try to see this as a positive, too, and companies that adapt quickly to the ‘new normal’ will be in a much better position to weather the storms going forward.

Where Recruitment Comes In

66 million Americans. That’s a lot of people. It can feel overwhelming, but the reality is that we can see it as a bonus for recruitment. Many skilled and experienced people have just entered the jobs market. For clever and adaptive companies, this is great news!

While we’re in the middle of this pandemic, your company will need to adapt quickly to take full advantage of this new talent pool. Using technology can make this is a lot easier. Below are three useful pieces of technology to use in recruitment.

Good HR Software

Finding great HR Software tools is vital right now. You want your current employees to be able to log on seamlessly via their browser (or an app) and to be able to organize themselves without too much fuss. 

For recruitment purposes, HR tools that manage the recruitment process make it easier for everyone involved to stay on top of the situation and get regular updates on the current status of the recruitment project. Some HR tools will even help organize the onboarding process, too!

Embrace Video

We’ve all seen the reports about how Zoom grew its user base from 10 million to over 200 million in the last three months as the world was forced to embrace working from home.

Don’t shy away from doing interviews via video, but make sure the candidate is comfortable with the platform. There are many options, from Zoom to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, and even WhatsApp. Use the tools; find great people!

Project Manage Like A Boss Team

Tools such as Trello and Monday.com can be used to manage team work remotely. They are intuitive to use and simply laid out for even the most technophobic on your team! Embracing virtual project management tools will allow everyone to stay in the loop at all times.