No matter where you live, home security is always something to be mindful of. While there are areas of the country in which crime rates are higher than the national average, no home is 100% secure all of the time. Even gated communities are vulnerable, so never let your guard down. The good news is that advances in Smart technology have added layers of protection never before possible. With a smartphone, a few security gadgets, connectivity, and the appropriate apps, you can find peace of mind no matter where you are. Now, let’s look at those gadgets.

1. Smart Wi-Fi Camera Kits 

Topping the list of must have home security gadgets would be Smart Wi-Fi camera kits for indoor and outdoor use. The best option would be plug and play cameras with a 355-degree angle for horizontal scanning and the ability to scan a 75-degree angle. Choose one with night vision, two-way communication to give commands and motion detection capabilities. They have these for indoor and outdoor use, so make sure all your most vulnerable access points are covered.

2. Smart Motion Sensors

In reality, most homes have a few ‘blind spots’ which aren’t in the line of vision of the room’s camera, no matter what degree of angles it covers. It would be going a bit overboard to add motion-sensing cameras in every nook and cranny, so motion sensors would do nicely as well. These can be controlled with apps and will often immediately set off a silent alarm.

3. Smart Door Contact Sensors

Each of these Smart technologies for home security are Wi-Fi enabled, meaning they can alert you no matter where you happen to be. Smart door contact sensors are a good idea in addition to those outdoor security cameras because there are times when a door was inadvertently not closed properly. Sometimes in a rush to get to work on time or to an important appointment, that front door didn’t get pulled until the ‘click’ was heard. In the absence of a programmable security pad, these are the perfect addition to any home security setup. If the contact breaks with a gust of wind, for instance, you can quickly look at the security cameras to see that no one is trying to gain entry. Homeowners then have the option to call a neighbor or relative to run over quickly to pull the door shut. 

It Isn’t Always About Intruders

When you think about home security, it isn’t always about deterring home invasion or burglaries. There are other threats that can prove just as damaging and these can be monitored with home security gadgets as well. Have you ever lived in a home where a pipe burst or the hot water tank suddenly erupted sending water all through the house? Not only can this be an extremely expensive ‘fix’ but it can lead to electric shorts and we all know what that means! Why not add a Smart Wi-Fi-enabled water sensor while you’re at it? Home security is a multi-faceted strategy so isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Cover all your bases.