If you are running a business, then it’s likely that you already have a website, are using social media and have some form of online marketing strategy. In this digital age, keeping up with online trends and analyzing the results of your hard work is very important. Whilst increasing your online business presence isn’t going to happen overnight, it’s essential if you want your business to grow and have longevity. Here are 3 ways to increase your small business presence online. 


Content Calendar 

Anything you produce whether it be in the form of text, video or audio, etc. is classed as content and plays a vital part of any online marketing strategy. Whether it be web posts, vlogs or podcasts, posting regular content helps creates an awareness of your company and allows customers to get to know you and your brand. Creating a content calendar is a good idea. It allows you to focus on specific categories and content as well as structure the details of when you need to produce the content and when you want to publish it. It also allows you to work around any important dates relevant to your business such as Mother’s Day or Mental Health Awareness month, for example. 


Search Engine Optimisation

Combining content with search engine optimization makes for a great combination. SEO creates online visibility for a site by intentionally optimizing it to be visible to search engines. Well written SEO content makes web pages more attractive to search engines and can help you achieve that coveted first page ranking on the likes of Google. If you are unsure of how to do this yourself, many companies are experts in this field. Whether you are located in the North West of England and looking for a Wigan SEO company or are in the North of Scotland and want to find somewhere local to Aberdeen, there are many companies locally or further afield who can provide you with the services you require. 

Social media

Using social media is another great way to increase your online business presence. Posting regular vlogs on YouTube, for example, can help your customers connect with you. Make it engaging and informative and it could lead to increased hits and more customers. If you use the likes of Facebook, consider setting up a group for your customers that run alongside your business page. It’s another form of interaction and can make things far more personable. social media

Running a competition or giveaway can prove to be pretty effective too. Asking your customers to share your posts, like your page and invite friends to join can result in increased activity and additional sales. 

Regardless of what steps you take, it’s important to track and analyze the data. There is little point in spending money or giving away free products if you aren’t reaping any rewards. The aim is to build and grow a community of loyal customers so make sure that your strategy provides the desired results.