The world of SEO might seem like a complicated one, and, as such, it might seem that improvements to your online marketing efforts can only be made incrementally. This is a misconception, as there are several ways you can quickly make changes to your website and your content that can boost SEO remarkably well.

The results may take some time to materialize, so you’ll need to be patient in that regard. But you can quickly implement the measures below and it should improve your results both in the short-term and the long-term. Better marketing means better business, so these relatively quick and easy steps to take, if you haven’t already performed them, should no-brainers.

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Analyze the Data

There are a number of services online available which allow you to track the results of your online marketing and SEO efforts in real time. You can get specific, like seeing which keywords bring in the most clicks and traffic to your website. Or you can be general and just see how much traffic has been affected by any specific changes to your strategies you might have made. Yet there are many companies that don’t avail themselves of these services, many of which are free. You won’t know what to fix until you know what’s broken, and that’s where analytics come into play. Since the search engine is using Big Data to determine who will show up favorable in their results, it makes sense that you should be using your own data information in your SEO practices.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Clicks

That header might not always be accurate, but it’s true that search engines reward items on your website that have pictures attached better than they might a similar bit of content that has no attached photo. In addition, photos are excellent devices for placing keywords, as they have proven effective in drawing in searchers online. It won’t take more than a minute to upload a photo, and that will make a difference pretty quickly in how much your site gets visited.

Share and Share Alike

Google, Bing and other search engines vary their formulas from time to time, but one constant has been the fact that the best content draws the best search engine results. This is true of SEO Canada and around the globe. And one of the ways that the search engines determine the best content is by how much it is shared on social media. So how do you get people to share? Well, include a call to action and icon to allow them to do it, for one thing. And then make sure that the content is engaging enough that people will indeed want to share it with others.

These are just three of the quick and easy ways you can start changing your SEO for the better. And you can do them all without breaking a sweat on your keyboard fingers.