If we say that crypto is in, we would not be exaggerating. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are taking over the minds of the people all over the world. The fact that both these concepts are so democratic make them all the more attractive to netizens across the globe. 

That said, the crypto market is seeing a hell lot of competition and it has a large number of players. In any market with so many players, it becomes necessary to differentiate yourself from other competitors in order to come out on top. 

In the world of crypto and blockchain, the best way to stand out in the market is to have a unique marketing strategy and your content can make a huge difference in that strategy. In this post, we look at 3 ways in which you can build an effective crypto content marketing strategy. Let’s start mining (pun intended).

  • Simplify Stuff 

It is important to remember that even though Bitcoin was created as early as 2009, the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology is still at a nascent stage. That means that there are still millions out there who are looking at crypto with a skepticism that stems out of lack of information.

Any content marketing strategy targeted towards crypto needs to take this crucial factor into account and gather momentum around the same. This can be easily done through clever use of content marketing strategies applied in many other fields like education and fintech.

For instance, there is a very big audience out there which is looking for content that explains stuff like what exactly is crypto and blockchain. It needs to be remembered that no one will put money in an asset which is not understood by them. The first step should therefore be to simplify crypto and blockchain to the layman.

  • Focus on End Use

One can easily say that crypto and blockchain technology has more uses than one. However, a lot of the time, crypto marketing services focus more on the features that their product has than on the actual uses that the product can be used for.

This is a rookie mistake that many of us end up making which if rectified can lead to marvellous results. For instance, if your product offers ten amazing features, you can have two kinds of blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy. On the one hand, you could write a post titled‘10 features that our product offers’. On the other hand, you could write a post titled ‘1o ways you can use our product’. 

Notice how both the blog posts may contain the same content but the manner in which both are presented can make a huge difference between success and failure. One is product focused and the other is end use focused. 



  • Relevant Platform Collaborations


Gone are the days when you could use one blog post on your website as part of your content marketing strategy. Content literally is king in today’s world. However, the platform is no less than the queen. In fact, where you publish your content can make or break the deal.

The platform(s) where you publish your crypto and blockchain related content defines what kind of values you want your brand to reflect. It’s common knowledge that crypto and blockchain are going to be things of the future and the future is only going to be more democratic.

While top social media platforms for crypto and blogs will always remain good places to start with, in order to gain traction in crypto content marketing, one needs to adopt a two pronged approach. One, you need to be everywhere. Two, you certainly need to be big in democratic platforms like self moderated groups and chat rooms. This is where the big guns (influencers) spend more time. 

Having highlighted the top three ways to build an effective crypto content marketing strategy, it must not be forgotten that at the end of the day, it is what idea you are looking to sell. The story that you tell or the one that gets conveyed through your content will determine the success or failure of your product. 

Focusing on the product has always yielded results. The stories that you tell need to be real ones and impactful ones. No one ever said no to a product that can change the way they are living their lives. And no one can deny that crypto is surely here to stay.