The number of emerging startups has been steadily growing over the last few years and this isn’t likely to change much anytime soon. Unfortunately, there’re also some quite depressing statistics on the number of startups that fail (9 out of 10). To ensure your business doesn’t go down that route you have to be both creative and careful in its promotion and development. One of the startup tricks you can use is making your company appear bigger than it is. This will add a measure of credibility that can play a vital role in establishing your own brand.

The best news? Doing this will be quite easy and won’t require much of an investment.

3 Cheap Startup Tricks That Will Make Your Business Seem Bigger

1. Establish a visual identity and a brand

A small business of today doesn’t need to rent an office in a prime location but it does need to have an appealing visual identity. Do not get it mixed up with ‘branding’ because creating this element is a part of building a brand your customers will become loyal to.

Visual identity is a term that encompasses all visual elements of the brand, ranging from your logo to fonts used on your website. It’s essential to make it consistent and appealing to your targeted audience. You can identify the styles your prospective customers like by studying the brands they favor. These don’t necessarily have to be from the same industry as your startup.

Make your visual identity simple but recognizable. This will enhance your brand, which encompasses the idea, values, and message that your business sends out to the customers, along with the visual identity.

By making these elements look professional and strong, you can make even a one-man startup run from the parents’ home look like a solid, respectable company. Today you can find great templates and affordable unique elements to use for your visual identity at many online marketplaces. Look for the websites where freelance designers and artists hang out, including Etsy.

2. Get a kickass website

The first thing you should do is to move your page onto a reliable and efficient hosting. BlueHost will be a great option for small businesses because even shared servers from this host provide stellar performance.

Again, you can rely on online web design libraries and marketplaces to get affordable high-quality themes for your website. Go for a minimalistic design as it’s both cheaper and very much ‘in trend’ nowadays. Have 1-2 big, unique, and absolutely stunning visual elements per page. Pictures, videos, and animations are the most effective. You need a good hosting with unlimited bandwidth to ensure your website loads fast in spite of those elements.

Do not forget that the website design is a part of your business’ visual identity. Therefore, it must fit the theme and style of other elements.

3. Grow your presence on social networks

The efficiency of social media marketing is beyond any doubt. However, establishing an active presence on these media is also a great brand booster. Treat these accounts as your virtual offices and pour all your desire for good customer relationships into them.

In order to achieve success, you need to be active not only in publishing optimized content and answering messages from customers. You also need to join groups popular with your targeted audience and become an active contributor there. Be sure to post comments at the most popular discussion threads and follow them.

You also need to establish relationships with opinion influencers. Connect with them privately and work out a deal that will allow you to promote each other.

As you can see, the main idea behind making your startup seem bigger and more professional is establishing a solid and appealing digital identity for it. You should start working on it as soon as you decide to launch your own business.