Conferences, meetings, and corporate events are a large part of the business. These events are often used by businesses to connect with clients and like-minded professionals. A conference or business meeting should provide a wealth of information about your products or services cultivating new relationships and dealings that you may not otherwise be able to develop on your own. To pull this off, however, you must learn how to plan a corporate event that meets the expectations of your target audience.

Conferences require a great deal of time, research, and data. An efficiently planned event should encompass a compelling agenda, great guest speakers, and a wealth of information. Fortunately, technological advancements have made it easier for businesses to plan successful events. Below, are a few tech tips you can use to pull off the perfect corporate conference or meeting.

1. Keep Conference Info Up-to-Date

Part of getting people excited about your upcoming event is by keeping them informed of what’s going on. Your attendees want to have the most current information about the meeting. Using an event app for a conference is one way you can do this. By having interested parties use the application, they can get real-time updates of things like the venue, who the guest speakers will be, the itinerary, the menu, and activities. The up-to-date information allows those who will be attending to prepare for the event.

2. Live Streaming is the Way to Go

Video content goes a lot further than any print or digital document you might provide your attendees with. If you want to get the traction going about your conference or meeting, use social media channels like YouTube or Facebook Live as your platform and go live. Live streaming allows you to present your brand to a global audience instantaneously. Whether you film the speakers and presentation or record as the venue is being set up, it provides a window for you to connect with your target audience. This content can be shared which can put your brand in markets it wasn’t in before.

3. Leave Time for Networking

Part of the reason that people come to business events is to network with other business professionals. You can use both online and offline tactics to help your target audience get to know one another better. Social media or a conference app, for instance, can start as the foundation for networking. As attendees are made aware of who will be showing up to the event, they can prepare themselves for an in-person conversation. Incorporating games, teambuilding exercises, and other creative ideas can help break the ice and create a platform for businesses to connect.

Business meetings and corporate events are crucial components in expanding your brand. If you want your corporate event to be a memorable one, you’ll need to do your due diligence. This means finding ways both off and online to connect with your target audience and meet their expectations. With the help of the above-mentioned tech tools, you can plan a meeting or conference that is just as entertaining as it is informative.