Quality Assurance (QA) and software testing methodologies come hand in hand with leading development practices. Casino apps are not an exception. One may not create a masterpiece fit for fair and honest gambling without making sure there are no loose ends left.

Here’s an example, if we are talking about poker White Label game software company, it always checks whether the apps they develop are safe, sound and secure in terms of both back-end stability as well as UI/UX elements. That and the following QA practices I am about to mention make for a more or less fitting minimal plan you should have a dedicated budget for when it comes to creation of your own online casino.

Compatibility testing

If you are the owner of a casino site, you can’t potentially allow new players to walk past what you offer. Your platform has to be as attractive and taunting as ever on every possible platform from Windows to iOS and to Android.

That noted, curtail software defects don’t just pop up on various OS versions. Browser versions matter as well! If your apps work fine on Windows, then when a user accesses the content from the Opera Browser will the games work as planned on Safari, Chrome or FireFox? Compatibility testing ensures they do.

Stress & Load testing

Stress and load tests are also quintessential. You want your site to get popular, don’t you? That’s why you are investing a ton into SEO, Link Building, Content Marketing, PPC campaigns, etc. But what’s the point of wasting all that budget down the drain if your apps crash as soon as the user counter surpasses 1000 or so? That’s where Load Testing comes in handy as a system fit for evaluating your solution’s capabilities for later improvements.

Stress testing, on the other hand, will show how your software operates when in an unusual environment. Will your player’s connection break as soon as they enter the subway or what will happen if the internet is cut off? Your players can lose because of these seemingly minor errors. Needless to say, they will never come back to play on your site afterwards.

UI/UX testing

What can I say about this one? The interfaces of your apps have to be attractive and yet simple, intuitive even. This should be done if you wish to guide your users towards particular actions like a new spin or a new game.

Without attention to experiences of players as well as the interfaces you provide the solution you offers leaves players out of the light while pushing them into the darkness of unawareness. Some may find a game they like after poking around for a while, but the majority will leave to gamble in a friendlier environment.

You can’t allow that to happen, can you?