It can be difficult for your smaller company to compete with the big shots. However, you can get a leg up by taking advantage of super-simple social channels. 

Ready to improve your traffic and bring in new customers? We’ve listed three major social channels that you should be advertising on. 

1. Utilize Google’s My Business Account

One of the best ways to optimize your business is by utilizing Google. You can create a Google My Business account that will help promote your company through a personalized Google listing and Google Maps. 

Once you create this account, your business will start popping up in search results. Users will be able to see information such as your hours of operation (if applicable), excerpts about your products/services, and images of your business or logo. 

This tool is extremely helpful because Google Search serves as a home base for your business and even allows you to pay for advertisements. 

2. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Although not everyone is active on social media, 63% of marketing professionals agree that social media plays a vital role in advertising. These platforms create online communities, and businesses have learned how to integrate themselves into these communities to help spread the word. 

For example, if someone wants to learn about skincare, they might follow an account on Instagram that sells great skincare products. 

One of the best ways any company can grow is through social media because, to some extent, social media does the marketing for you. All you have to do is make content and post it. 

Say you want to learn how to advertise on TikTok — this growing social media platform will help you reach a broad audience while still advertising to local customers who visit and buy from companies like yours. This channel monitors what people are interested in; therefore, whoever is interested in the products or services is most likely to view your content. 

3. Use Online Business Directories 

Many people trust online business directories like they would personal recommendations. People value good reviews, and most online directories will allow people to leave reviews about your company. 

People also appreciate the convenience and transparency of seeing your name, website, address (if applicable), and description all in one place. Also, good reviews help establish your credibility and create a sense of trust.

Of the several online directories available, a few of the most popular include YellowPages, Yelp, and Foursquare. While Google My Business is technically an online directory itself, it’s a good idea to utilize multiple directories so that users are more likely to find you. 

Start Advertising Today

Advertising on any of these social channels is a great idea for any company. Using these tools can help your company flourish because they have a significant impact on people’s everyday lives.   

Investing your time in marketing through these channels is sure to help pique public interest and provide more avenues for you to reach customers.