Starting a small business can be hugely exciting, but it requires plenty of commitment too. So many different elements need to be considered, with a key one being just how you intend to encourage customers to engage with your products and services.

Companies can do this in a range of ways, but a tried and tested formula may be a great way to go. Put simply, we all love a good deal and if you can offer an exciting one, you might be able to get people visiting your website and checking out the services you provide.

Discovering a Deal

Recent research published by the PayPal service Honey highlighted just how important deals can be. Released in the middle of September, the study found that 75 percent of US consumers are seeking out more coupons and deals at present as they shop online.

Almost four out of five respondents stated that discovering a deal had become particularly important in recent times, with 20 percent admitting to spending between three and four hours a week hunting for the best offers. Many also suggested they would delay a purchase if they did not get the discount or promotion they wanted, with 46 percent stating they would wait for a good deal. The research added that 67 percent of consumers stated they feel good about shopping when they get a discount.

So, if you’ve been thinking about offering deals to your customers, what could be the best way to go about it? Here are three strategies that we think could prove beneficial as you begin the search for promotion perfection.

1. Social Media Competitions

If you’re already operating social media accounts to promote your business, you could take the step of holding competitions to catch the eye of consumers. A Hubspot blog post explains that these could take many forms, as you might want to run a sweepstake where people have to follow an account or retweet a post for entry. Alternatively, you might ask them to post a photo on their own Twitter feed.

People might get involved in the hope that they ultimately win, but the benefit for you is that they may also share your content or discuss your brand within earshot of others.

2. Introductory Offers

Many brands make use of special introductory deals to entice consumers. The likes of Netflix and Amazon have offered free trials to new customers at various points, while recipe box services like Hello Fresh in the UK offer discounts on the first boxes that people order. Another area that uses such strategies is the online casino industry, with outlining how many brands offer welcome bonuses. The site details how users generally just have to sign up to an account and enter a code to access such deals. Are your services suited to a similar approach? It could well be something worth investigating.

3. Seasonal Deals

Again, depending on what you provide, could a seasonal approach to special offers work? This might involve running specific campaigns depending on the time of year and when you might specifically want to try and boost your sales.

For example, if Christmas is a peak time when many people are looking to buy your products and services, you might want to put offers in place then. Alternatively, you may decide to offer discounts at other times when things might be a little quieter.

Create The Perfect Deal Today

Small business owners have plenty of issues on their plate, but the importance of the right marketing can never be downplayed.

Deals and discounts could have a key role in that area, so take some time to consider whether the ideas above or other strategies might work for your organization.