Quiz time – what’s the one thing that every contemporary business is desperately chasing these days for achieving unbridled success? Is it the money? No, considering just how easy raising funds in today’s time has become. Is it a team of faithful, diligent employees? Negative – that’s not something a company ‘chases’ but a prerequisite for setting up the same. Then what is it, if not money or manpower? The answer is – good content.

It’s blogs, articles, or basically, any form of visual or written content devised so remarkably that it doesn’t fail in grasping the attention of the target audience. And how can any company create content this powerful? Through the help of SEO! Stats have it – leads generated through SEO have a conversion rate of 14.6%!

That’s why it’s said – no business should take SEO lightly. So, here’s listing the top 3 signs that your SEO agency may just not be good enough. Look out for these:

1. They’ll make hollow promises of top-ranking your firm

Don’t get all hyped up when the SEO agency you’re in a meeting with, guarantees to rank your firm on the top of the SERPs list. In fact, chances are, they are just simply making hollow promises with no intention of presenting actual results.

Genuine SEO agencies know the golden rule – SEO is not magic, but pure strategy. Hence, if your SEO agency claims to put you on the top, be wary as you may regret hiring them later.

2. They won’t share their past results with you

Well, isn’t this ‘confidentiality’ a little suspicious in itself? Who doesn’t love blowing their own trumpet, especially when talking of an agency belonging to industry as competitive as SEO? If an SEO agency is really one that has provided incredible results to their past clients, they won’t think twice before showcasing those before you.

 But if an SEO agency denies presenting their client testimonials or shares their past work experience with you – trust us, you shouldn’t hire them.

3. They’ll claim to ‘have it figured’ with Google

This is one sign that legit raves are ‘fishy’! SEO agencies that claim to have a personal relationship with Google and acknowledge the ins and outs of its algorithm are the ones you must not hire.

Trust me when I say this, nobody has it all ‘sorted’ with Google and no one knows how its algorithm may change the next moment. So, stay away from agencies that make such false claims. 

Top 3 tips on how to find the right SEO agency

Now that you know what are the signs exhibited by a wrong SEO agency, here’s presenting 3 tips you must consider for hiring the correct SEO agency for your firm:


1. Look for an agency that understands your goals

Some companies hire an SEO firm to assess their GMB rankings, while others do so to improve their entire keyword research mechanism.

Whatever your reason is for hiring an SEO agency, make sure you choose such an agency that understands it and works towards making your company achieve those goals. StudioHawk (https://studiohawk.com.au/) is one such industry expert in their field and one of the best SEO firms to resort to. 

2. Experience matters

With online engagements ramping up, every other day, you will find a new firm entering the SEO market, because SEO is in trend. However, make sure to choose experience over establishment date. Do not fall into the trap of those firms who claim to have been in this market for long.

There may be a firm that has begun operations last year but is adept with professional employees. Choose such agencies, over choosing those SEO firms that boast vigorously about their ‘industrial popularity’.

3. Make sure their claims are genuine

It is true that SEO is important, but acing the game of SEO isn’t as easy as it sounds. It involves a lot of complex factors affecting its efficiency like keyword research, network building, content optimizing. While many SEO firms will claim to have an insight into Google’s algorithms, the truth is – no one knows how it actually works.

Therefore, choose a firm that understands how search engines work. After all, SEO is all about understanding the changing algorithms of search engines and making the best use of them.

Over to you…

SEO plays a very important role in making any business a hit or a miss. Here, we listed 3 signs you have hired the wrong SEO agency. Read this article to find out how to choose the best SEO agency.