You’ve heard the saying that the early bird gets the worm, right? Well, for highly successful people there’s a lot more to it than getting up early and launching into a day of activity when the rest of the world is still sleeping. There are specific habits that form the foundation for success. Each and every successful person in business today follows the same basic routine. It is nothing less than a formula for success. In fact, it is an easy formula for you to adopt and use to bring about your own success. Let’s take a look at the three main routine habits you’ll find in the most successful people.

1. Setting Daily Goals

Sure, you may have a lot of business sense and a real grasp of the industry you work in. But if you don’t start each day with a little target practice, you have no way of knowing what you have accomplished. This is why it is essential to set goals on a regular basis. These goals fall into several categories but are generally short-term and long-term goals. There should be daily goals that assist in achieving the goals of both categories. Goal setting provides clarity on a smaller scale of what needs to be done. Call it your piece of the bigger picture, if you must.

Goals keep us on track. They provide us with the targets aim for with tasks, activities and projects. Without goals you are just jumping through hoops aimlessly with no clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve. Goals also provide one more valuable element. They give us a handy way to track progress. Tracking progress is important because without the ability to monitor progression, there is no way to measure success. Even if the goal is a tiny one, once it is stroked off the to-do list, it becomes one of many successes for that day.

2. Detailed Planning

If you have set your goals and harnessed how to effectively use time, it makes sense that the best way to smash some of those goals is with expert planning. Think about this for a moment. When have you ever done anything in your life without some sort of game plan? The plan gives you the framework or steps to follow along that path to success. But planning doesn’t just happen. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world are also meticulous planners. They are so precise in the way they follow their day-to-day activities, there is barely room for failure. That, by the way, is the way your planning should be. A plan of attack supports you better.

For many this requires the assistance of a powerful employee management and scheduling tool. There are tools available to make planning far more effective than scribbling notes on a calendar that can barely contain all you need to record. Well-executed plans and schedules lead to success. Poorly mapped out plans do not. Successful people follow plans and implement schedules and resources accordingly, allowing for certain outcomes and milestones to be achieved along the way. These milestone and achievements provide a means of measuring and tracking successes. Trying to do anything without a plan is just a bad idea that’s bound to fail. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business entrepreneur or a corporate head of a firm that utilizes all kinds of business technology. A plan is your blueprint. It is your script. It is what will guide you from here towards success.

3. Effectively Managing Time

No matter how good you may be at business, you still only have 24 hours in a day to make a difference. The best way to make a difference with that time is decided entirely on how you utilize that time. It never stops and it waits for no one. It keeps on passing you by. It’s also the only thing you have that takes you from one day to another. In the average eight to twelve hour work day, you should have increments of allotted time for each and every task you have set before you. Remember those goals we mentioned earlier?

Well, the only way you will achieve them is inthe way you make use of your time. As it turns out, the most successful people in the world also happen to be the most effective time managers as well. They don’t rush through tasks, either. If you get in the habit of planning more effectively each day, you will be amazed at what all can be done when you use your time wisely. It does not mean taking a shorter lunch break and skipping coffee breaks. When you use time with purpose you will find achieving goals set for the day will be far easier than ever before.

In Conclusion

Successful people follow certain guidelines that develop into habits. They include setting goals, managing time and following a solid plan. Without any of these elements, the level of success possible is greatly reduced. However, by combining the powerful mixture of these three habits and adhering to them daily, you can also become a far more successful person. It doesn’t matter what application you use these habits in as they will bring you to success.

Highly successful people can teach us a lot about their methodology because they have honed these habits to fit their specific situations. By learning from their example and utilizing the habits of goal setting, time management and effective planning, you will find yourself accomplishing more with less effort and creating more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Try adding these habits to your life and you will see that it won’t be long before you begin to set an example for the others in your life.