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3 Non-Negotiable Traits of a Successful Modern Website 

3 Non-Negotiable Traits of a Successful Modern Website

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, so does our society. It’s no wonder that people are changing their habits and shifting their expectations, thanks to new tech-centered lifestyles. It used to be enough to have a basic website for your business that included your contact information, but that sort of Web presence doesn’t cut it in these changing times. Your site doesn’t have to be extremely expensive or nuanced, but there are a few traits that it does need to be competitive, such as the following:


Make Your Site Responsive and Accessible

While some people still visit websites on their home computers, most people turn to their mobile devices for a large percentage of their online needs. As a result, your website needs to be easily and quickly accessible via a smartphone or tablet. It also must be reformatted for optimal viewing through responsive design.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your website up to date. If you want to use a service, Squarespace, Strikingly and Wix are all good options. Each of these services ensure that your website is built responsively, so your customers will have a pleasant experience no matter what device they use.

Keep Your Content Simple and Clear

This may seem like a simple tip, but be careful not to dismiss it as unimportant. Just as technology surges forward every single day, so does the amount of content on the web. With endless amounts of text to sift through, customers are apt to leave your site if they don’t find what they’re looking for immediately. Attention spans are at an all-time low, so keep this in mind as you give your site a fresh look.

It’s tough to pare down the copy on your website because you might be attached to certain pieces of your messaging or design; however, the truth is that probably half of your current website copy can — and should — hit the road. Review your website as if you’re your customer (not yourself) and think about what three main things you want to see. Use clear language and take out every bit of extraneous information.

Set up Online Payments


Whether you’re a product-based business or a services provider, your customers want one thing: ease. Just as (most) people don’t want to physically write checks to their utility company and then take the time to find an envelope, stamp and mailbox, they don’t want to pay you this way either. Remember that your customers are busy, so they expect every transaction to be handled in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Your goal should be to enable your site to accept online payments. Sage Payment Solutions is an example of a solid accounting tool that gives you the ability to accept payments quickly as well as have service and support, loss prevention, underwriting and integration with your accounting and ERP software handled in-house. Don’t let customers who want to pay you run into any roadblocks trying to do so, otherwise they might not come back.

As an entrepreneur, you’re already juggling a lot of important tasks. It may seem like there’s no time to upgrade your website, but there really isn’t time not to. Your customers expect accessibility, clarity and the ability to pay in a snap, so you need to rise to the occasion if you want to keep them around. With some intention and a small investment of time, you should be well on your way to keeping your customers happy through your online presence.

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