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3 Non-Facebook Apps To Help You Stay Updated With Your Group 

3 Non-Facebook Apps To Help You Stay Updated With Your Group

As that old adage goes, no man is an island. Everyone has a group they’re a part of, whether it’s their old high school or college batch, a sports team, or even a gaming guild. However, keeping in touch with all of them can sometimes be a challenge, especially since everyone can be busy with their own respective lives.

But with the aid of technology, remaining active in each group can be easier. And when talking about tech, it’s not just referring to Facebook. There are other useful toolsout there that can help you keep abreast of the latest developments in your group or club. Here are three apps for groups that you should check out:

The All-Around Group App: BAND

Most people nowadays are not part of any one group, but rather a collection of different groups. And sometimes, it can get challenging to manage them all at the same time on one platform. For example, it can be something as simple as not wanting to useyour real name in all of your groups.

Thankfully, there’s the group communication app BAND. Unlike Facebook groups, where everything is still tied to your personal profile, this app allows you to create and manage specific nicknames and aliases in each group you’re a part of. After all, the app was specifically built for managing different groups, unlike other social networks where the group feature is just included as an afterthought. That way, you can keep using your real name in your college organization’s group on BAND, while using your in-game name when interacting withyour gaming guild on the same platform.

On top of that feature, BAND also has other functionalities such as group chats, polls, a schedule maker, and even group calls. And with no limits on the number of members each group can have, group leaders can contact everyone easily. That’s unlike Facebook, which removes the group chat and messaging functionality once a group gets more than 200 members.

One-on-One Chats: Telegram

While BAND has a good group chat feature, you’ll eventually need a way to chat to people one-on-one. After all, if you have a very lively group, any personal message or reminder may get overlooked or buried in the group chat. Or you may want to discuss some details privately, especially when disagreements pop up and you need to work as a peacemaker.

That’s where Telegram comes in. This full-featured messaging app goes a step beyond Viber and Facebook Messenger, since it offers ways to copy, forward, and reply to individual messages. You can also create custom stickers with this app and share it with other people—a fun way to customize how you communicate.

Keeping Track of Wellness Goals: Strava

If you’re part of a running, cycling, or swimming group, you’d want to be able to compare your progress with your teammates. Thankfully, the Strava fitness app is not only a great app for those who are training solo. It also has a club feature that tracks not just your progress, but everyone’s progress as well.

Other Strava club features include a simple message board through which members can communicate and the opportunity to set team goals for a specific time period. These can help keep everyone in your team motivated, especially if you’re training for a competition.

With these three apps providing more convenient ways to communicate with your group, you’ll surely not miss out on any activities anymore. Here’s to more fun moments and crazy memories with your friends!

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